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Seeing Double Part 2: YouTube’s Top Female Twins

Twins on YouTube have always had a unique draw, from their identical appearance to their sibling-oriented content. Here are five pairs of the top girls currently on YouTube.

#5 – The Rybka Twins

Teagan and Sam, 22 years old, are both talented dancers, acrobats, and contortionists. Their various stunts, gymnastics, and Australian accents have earned them over 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube. Their channel also features vlogs, fashion, and challenge videos. They attribute much of their success to their appearance on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ in 2013.


Payton and Mikahl Caci, with only 471,000 subscribers, are the smallest vloggers on this list. However, that doesn’t stop these Vegas-based girls. Their channel features story time vlogs, fashion tips, and morning/night routine videos. Despite their low subscriber count they still garner between 800,000 and a million views a month.

#3 – Niki and Gabi

Niki and Gabi DeMartino stray from the usual path of twin vloggers. Instead of going out of their way to look alike for perfectly mirrored thumbnails, they have branded themselves as the “opposite twins.” Many of their videos focus on how different they are. Together, these two make lifestyle videos, how-to tutorials, fashion/beauty videos, and comedy skits. They have 6.62 million subscribers with over 751 million views.

#2 – Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight started YouTubing young. Their first appearances were on their mother’s channel, as models for her DIY hair tutorials. But these Texas twins didn’t stop there. By 2015 they were nominated for a Streamy Award in Fashion, and featured by Business Insider in their article, “13 Up-and-Coming YouTube Stars You Should Be Following.” In 2017 they partnered with music producer Benny Cassette, creating a track that charted #12 for pop US songs on iTunes. The same year saw them collaborate with fellow YouTuber Peter Hollens to cover Lennon and Maisy’s “A Life That’s Good.” The girls have over 5 million subscribers on YouTube and over 3 million on Instagram, and they haven’t even started college yet. They announced this year that they would be attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas together.

#1 – merrelltwins

Veronica and Vanessa Merrell may be some of the most well-known twins on this list, but not because of channel size, with their 3.25 million subscribers putting them in the middle of the pack. You may recognize them from several AwesomenessTV videos. If not that, then perhaps their recurring roles in the CW’s ‘Jane the Virgin’ as Jane’s two step-sisters. They also appeared in the 2016 movie ‘The Standoff.’ These identical actresses are also singers, songwriters, and comedians. They moved to LA from Kansas City, Missouri, when they were only 16 years old so they could pursue acting. In 2016 they won a Streamy Award for Best Live. They also won YouNower of the Year at the 8th Shorty Awards.



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