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Siblings who Vlog Together

Martinez Twins

Ivan and Emilio Martinez make up the famous YouTube channel called the Martinez Twins. These twins were born on May 10, 1999, in Catalonia Spain but currently live in Los Angeles in the United States. Ivan and Emilio used to be members of Jake Paul’s “Team 10” group but decided to do their own thing instead. They post videos on the YouTube channel which include mainly vlogs, pranks, music, challenges and more. Their channel now has over 4.4 million subscribers and continues to grow every day.

The Dolan Twins

The Dolan Twins are Ethan and Grayson Dolan who was born on December 16, 1999. Grayson is about 20 minutes younger than Ethan. These twins started their career on Vine where they became extremely popular. In 2015, these twins moved to Los Angeles, California to follow their career of becoming famous. The twins now create YouTube videos together along with other YouTubers and post videos every week on Tuesdays. The Dolan Twins are extremely popular and have over 5.1 million subscribers to their YouTube channel.

Niki & Gabi DeMartino 

Niki and Gabi DeMartino are another set of YouTube twins. They are also known as the “opposite twins.” They’re known for one being the “girly-girl” and the other being a “hipster.” These sisters began making YouTube videos when they were only 13 years old. They continued throughout their lives becoming more popular as time went on. Both of these sisters have crazy schedules but still always make time for each other to produce new videos Niki and Gabi’s channel includes music videos, tutorials, DIY projects, makeup, challenges and many more.

The Dobre

Lucas and Marcus Dobre also known as The Dobre Twins. These famous YouTube twins are also known for being an American Dancing duo along with being YouTubers. They first became popular on Vine. They had over 300,000 followers on Vine.  Then the Twins continued to rise to fame even after the app was shut down. Their YouTube channel now has over 7.3 million subscribers. On their channel, their videos content includes challenges, vlogs, gymnastics, dance videos, pranks and many more.

The Merrell 

Veronica and Vanessa Merrell also known as the Merrell Twins are famous YouTubers, actresses, comedians, and singers. These twins were born in Kansas City, Missouri. But then moved to Los Angeles, California at age 16 to follow their careers in acting. They uploaded their first YouTube video in 2009. Their father Paul Merrell edits their videos.  These twins have also been nominated for various awards. Their videos include comedy, DIY videos, challenges, Games, fails, and music.



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