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11 YouTubers With Their Own Clothing Line

Many YouTubers not only make YouTube videos but also have their own clothing lines. By having their own clothing lines, it allows YouTubers to broaden their opportunities and improve the successfulness of their career. In this article, you will read about different YouTubers who created their own clothing lines. 

Connor Franta – Common Culture

Connor Franta has his own clothing line called Common Culture. His clothing line features jackets, sweatshirts, shirts and many more items. He uses his clothing line to express his creativity and dedication to perfecting products made by his brand. All of his creations in his line are all designed by himself. Connor Franta’s collection is also inspired by one of his favorite artists named Keith Haring who is an activist in the LGBTQ+ community just like Connor.

The Sidemen – Sidemen Clothing

The Sidemen also have their own clothing line called Sidemen Clothing. Their line features T-Shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, sweatshirts and other accessories. The Sidemen are known for their entertaining YouTube videos including gaming, skits, funny challenges and many more. The group has many members which creates a vast amount of choices for clothing creations in their line. The Sidemen’s clothing line allows their fans to represent their favorite YouTubers and support them while doing so.

Bethany Mota

Another YouTuber with their own clothing line is Bethany Mota. She is a beauty icon on YouTube and is extremely popular. Most of her clothing is featured in the clothing store Aeropostale. Her line is fitted for teenage girls with styles such as edgy, girly and other styles to mix it up. Bethany Mota provides a large number of choices in her clothing line which attracts buyers because they are not limited to buying just one particular style of clothing. Her collection features patterns and bold designs but her collection ended in 2016 with its last release.

FaZe Banks – Loose Change

Ricky Banks, also known as FaZe Banks has his own clothing line called Loose Change. Banks is the FaZe clan leader and is loved by millions of fans because of his outgoing and entertaining personality. His clothing line is not merch but is instead a designer clothing line. His goal is to express himself and his personality through his clothing. Loose Change has not been fully released yet but his fans are shown sneak peaks of the clothing that will be sold, on the brand’s Instagram account. So far, the account shows shirts, jackets, shorts, and hoodies. Bank’s fans are very excited for Loose Change to open so they can support their favorite YouTuber through his creations

Carli Bybel aka CarliBel55

Carli Bybel is a famous YouTuber known for her beauty, fashion, and fitness videos. She partnered with the brand Missguided and designed her own clothing line. The collection was limited edition. In the video Bybel posted, the collection featured a lot of bright and pastel colors, clean lines and luxury fabrics.

Samantha Maria aka beautycrush.

Samantha Maria is a vlogger whose videos feature clothes and makeup. She also believes that you can have fun with clothes and makeup without paying a lot of money. Also, she has a degree in fashion styling. Samantha started her own fashion company with her fiance Jason to create simple clothing that consumers can add on to create their unique style.

Jen Chae aka From Head to Toe

Jen Chae created her own jewelry collection called Gravity which is featured on the website Mejuri. Her collection features rings, necklaces, and earrings. Her jewelry collection is edgy and elegant while simple at the same time. Jen’s collection has become very successful.

Arika Sato

Arika Sota is a beauty and fashion vlogger with her own luxe robe line. She creates luxe robes for people who love makeup besides just loving fashion. Arika believes that her glamorous robes connect both makeup and fashion while helping women look their best.

Blair Fowler aka juicystar07

Blair Fowler and her sister collaborated with JustFab in 2012. Their products consisted of footwear and other accessories perfect for transitioning for day to night. Now, Blair Fowler has her own Etsy shop where she manages her own clothing line. Her line features tees, sweatshirts, tanks and many more.

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Marzia is a fashion vlogger and PewDiePies girlfriend who also has her own clothing line. Her clothing line is chic and creative. Marzia’s fashion line features shirts, jumpsuits, bathing suits, dresses, hoodies, and skirts. Because of her popularity, her items quickly go out of stock.


PewDiePie recently created a new unisex clothing brand called Tsuki. He and his girlfriend Marzia created this line together. Their products are influenced by Japan and feature a clean pink and black aesthetic which is very popular with millennials. Also, Tsuki features accessories such as a candle and a weekly planner.

Just curious: 🤔

Why do so many YouTubers have their own clothing line?

YouTubers sell their own clothing line (and also merch) that represents them for many different reasons. In most cases, they create their own clothing line to gain more revenue, increase their popularity or let their fans become ambassadors of their brand and YouTube channel. 

💸 💵 Increased Income (duh!)

What’s interesting is that some YouTubers choose to collaborate with specific brands that are popular, which can be a huge marketing opportunity for the brand. Some brands may even ask YouTubers personally if they would be interested in creating a clothing line together.

A Clothing Line + A Lot of Subscribers = More Brand Ambassadors

Furthermore, fans may buy pieces of a YouTubers clothing line to show true support. Fans may want to show off their unique clothes to their friends to let them know that they really like that specific YouTuber. Also, fans may feel connected to their favorite YouTuber since they are wearing a piece of clothing that represents that YouTuber.

Word of Mouth

When fans wear the YouTubers clothing line they may post pictures wearing it on social media which increases the chance of even more people buying it.

Having a popular clothing line can be a solid revenue stream.💰Most YouTubers are always looking for ways to increase their subscriber count and views so they can make more money. Fans wearing pieces of their clothing line will ultimately become their brand ambassadors.



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