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Sommer Ray vs Alissa Violet. Who is Best?

Famous YouTubers Sommer Ray and Alissa Violet are both very talented but which one is better? In this article, you will learn about both social media models. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide which YouTuber is your favorite and why they would make an awesome collaboration together.

Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is a famous Instagram model who is in the Cloutgang. She first gained fame through social media and also started her own YouTube channel not too long ago.


Sommer Ray has had a few boyfriends throughout her life due to her outgoing personality and popularity. Recently, she was dating Max Ehrich who is a famous TV actor. The couple met through mutual friend Bella Thorne and were inseparable until the breakup.


Sommer is a model and a fitness star. Her parents were both fitness lovers which inspired her to be the same way. Many fans are inspired by Sommer’s body and her healthy lifestyle. She became popular through her fitness videos on Instagram with over 17 million followers. Sommer Ray has modeled for many companies such as swimsuit and underwear companies.

Alissa Violet

Alissa Violet grew from the platform ‘Vine,’ and was able to join the YouTuber group “Team 10.’ After personal issues, she decided to leave and partner with Clout Gang instead, and moved in with boyfriend FaZe Banks. She is often compared to Sommer Ray, as Alissa is also a stunning model who’s partnered with one of the most successful global modeling agency called “Next Models”.


Additionally, Alissa Violet is well known for dating Jake Paul but their relationship ended badly after 4 months together. This resulted in her leaving the Team 10 house. Soon after, she joined the Clout Gang. Alissa started dating FaZe Banks who lives in the Clout house as well. They are now engaged and are very happy together.


Besides modeling Alissa has many more talents. One of them is acting. She played the role of Kylie on the Television series “The Deleted”. Additionally, Violet models for Next Model which is a very popular modeling agency. She has also appeared on the red carpet during the premiere of the movie “Natural Born Pranksters”. Alissa also occasionally posts Instagram comedy videos as well.

How should they collab?

In conclusion, Alissa Violet and Sommer Ray are very different in some aspects, however, they would create an interesting collaboration with each other. How do you think they should collaborate together? Let us know in the comments down below or on the official Alissa Violet x Sommer Ray Collaboration Page.



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