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If You Like Alissa Violet, Check Out These 10 YouTubers!


If you like Alissa Violet, Check out these 10 YouTubers! Alissa Violet is a YouTuber, model, and an actress. She first became popular on Vine and Instagram and is now a very popular influencer. Her video content includes a variety of segments such as vlogs, collaborations, challenges and more. Alissa’s energetic and comedic energy makes her videos amusing to watch. In this article, you will read about 10 YouTubers who are similar to Alissa Violet.


1) Erika Costell

Erika Costell is a very famous Youtube vlogger and Instagram model. Additionally, she was once apart of the Youtube group Team 10. This group is run by Jake Paul but Erika recently left the group.  Erika was once friends with Alissa, so their content on Youtube is found to be very similar. Erika uploads weekly vlogs of her busy life just like Alissa.


2) Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is an Instagram model and Youtuber similar to Alissa Violet. Also, she is a member of a YouTuber group called Clout Gang that Alissa is also in.  Her massive Instagram following helped her make a name for herself on Youtube. Her videos are humorous and well edited like Alissa.


3) Tessa Brooks

Tessa Brooks is another former “Team 10” member who makes Youtube videos. She uploads vlogs in between filming for her show, and modeling. Also, she is friends with Alissa Violet and they have collaborated with each other in the past. They both have a comedic side to their vlogs to keep the viewers entertained.


4) Morgan Adams

Morgan Adams has a Youtube channel with over 2.4 million subscribers.  She uploads weekly videos of her life in LA. Many of her vlogs are relatable and comedic. Also, Other content on her channel includes challenges and life hacks. Morgan’s videos usually include her brother Ryland, and his boyfriend Shane Dawson. Furthermore, Morgan shares her daily lifestyle along with her unique adventures with her fans.


5) Carrington Durham

Carrington Durham is another YouTuber like Alissa Violet. She is a close friend of Alissa and has collaborated on many videos with her. Also, many of her videos include members of Clout Gang and other influencers. Carrington’s content includes hauls, beauty, fashion, collabs, tags, challenges, vlogs and more. To conclude, Carrington offers a comedic channel for anyone looking for a laugh.


6) Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain uploads outfit lookbooks, vlogs, hauls and collaborations with other popular YouTubers. Her videos are entertaining and aim to make viewers laugh. Also, Similar to Alissa Violet, Emma participates in frequent collaborations with other YouTubers. Some of these collaborations include YouTubers like James Charles and The Dolan Twins.



7) Taylor Alesia

Many YouTubers choose to not share all of the details about their personal life but not Taylor Alesia. She uploads videos almost every day and discusses her daily tasks and personal relationships. Many of her videos feature Tanner Fox while they were still together but are now broken up. Additionally, she has a gaming channel but does not post much. Her content includes vlogs, fashion tips, challenges and more.



8) Kylie Rae

Kylie Rae is another YouTuber who uploads similar content as Alissa. She is a model and a social media sensation.  Her channel content includes beauty, Q&A, traveling, challenges, pranks, and many more. Kylie is a very comedic individual with an energetic personality alike to Alissa Violet.


9) Kiera Bridget

Kiera Bridget is a YouTuber known for her comedy and storytelling vlogs.  Along with these, she uploads videos with her boyfriend, pranks, challenges, Fortnite, and more. Additionally, She is a member of the YouTube collaboration group called Trash. There are six other YouTubers who are members of Trash including Kiera Bridget, Chip Wells, Kahlen Barry, Jackie Brigandi, Aaron Fuller and Natalia Taylor. She opened her own account in 2014 after a leading member in Trash encouraged her to.


10)Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard is another YouTuber similar to Alissa Violet. Furthermore, Her content includes unique content such as questionable fashion decisions, bad makeup science experiments, weird items she bought off the internet, style challenges and more. Safiya’s unique content provides the opportunity for viewers to enjoy topics that are not usually featured on YouTube. Additionally, Safiya expresses a goofy personality that complements her unique videos which makes her videos very enjoyable.




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