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Scare Pewdiepie 2 Not Set For Release, but Logan Paul’s Show is

Youtuber Logan Paul filmed a dead body, disrespecting Japan, and did many questionable things, but Youtube is still releasing his Youtube Red show. Logan Paul has been in a lot of controversies since being on YouTube. He started out making videos with his brother, Jake Paul but went to their separate channels later on. In December of 2017 Logan released a vlog of his trip to Japan. He showed a lot of disrespect to the Japanese people. Such things like throwing coins into the shrine, putting fish on a car, and being obnoxious while wearing traditional clothes.

Come a few days and Logan Paul releases another video which would outrage the masses. He released a video exploring Japan’s infamous suicide forest in which, inevitably, he finds a body. The arose when he recorded the body and posted it to YouTube with nothing but a slight censorship of the man’s face. This mistake caused him many brand deals and lost subscribers as well as the next season of his YouTube Red show, The Thinning. Or so we thought.

YouTube’s Double Standards: Logan Paul’s show vs Pewdiepie’s

The Thinning is set to release with the first episode already coming out. This hasn’t outraged Youtube viewers, per se. What people have been asking is: Is Scare Pewdiepie 2 coming out? Pewdiepie’s (Felix Kjellberg) second season of his show was canceled after an article by The Wall Street Journal. The WSJ criticized Felix for Nazi jokes made and took his jokes out of context to engage in defamation of the highly successful Youtuber.
Youtube seemingly panicked and canceled the already filmed second season of Felix’s show. Felix mentions that Scare Pewdiepie 2 was fully filmed and only needed to be edited. Season one did very well and you can watch episode 7 for free here.

Everyone is asking Youtube why Logan Paul’s show is coming back but not Pewdiepie’s. This is their response…

“The entire cast and crew worked extremely hard to complete this film last year,” the spokesperson said. “In fairness to all of them and the fans who have been asking for the sequel, we decided to release ‘The Thinning: New World Order.”

Pewdiepie had a few things to say about this and joked about the unfairness despite the statement by Youtube. “It’s amazing how a billion dollar company can be so inept at leadership,” Felix says in his recent video titled, LOGANS SHOW RETURNS. SCARE PEWDIEPIE, WHEN?.
He goes on to say, “If you wanna be taken seriously [YouTube], you need to apply the same rules for everyone.” Which I and many others agree with.






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