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💥 The Top 5 YouTube Diss Tracks of 2017

Is it just us or is there an epidemic of diss tracks released on YouTube? Have you too get to the point where it’s hard to keep track of who is dissing who? Don’t worry, we feel you, and so we’ve decided to help you out with a summary of the best top 5 diss tracks that came out in 2017.

#1 The Fall of Jake Paul

The Jake Paul vs Logan Paul fight resulted in one of the most watched YouTube Diss track. The brothers took their rivalry to a whole new level when Jake made a video about his older brother Logan called “Logan sucks”,  to which Logan responded with his very own diss track: “The Fall of Jake Paul”. Paul’s ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet also features in the track, who Jake broke up with saying that he caught Violet cheating on him. The final shot of the video shows Logan and Alissa kissing.

#2 KSI vs Sidemen

This diss track was made of the drama when KSI announced he was leaving the Sidemen and moving in with Ricegum. The Ricegum and Sidemen are enemies, and both are well-known for starting the diss track trend. Just in case you’re new to YouTube, the Sidemen is a group of six British YouTubers who all live together and make videos on gaming and vlogs of their lives.


#3 Jessie vs. Ricegum

Jessie up with YouTuber and Streamer Andy Milonakis to roast Ricegum because Ricegum roasted so many kids on his channel. Jessie roasted everything about Ricegum, from his fake friends to his fake Yeezy’s. To which Ricegum made his video pretending to be super upset and saying that he was a fan of Jessie for a long time. At the end of the video, Ricegum dropped his diss track against Jessie. Check it out:


#4 NemRaps vs. Berleezy

Berleezy wasn’t a very famous YouTuber up until the drama began. With only 400 YouTube subscribers before his rivalry started with NemRaps. The drama started with NemRaps made a commentary about Berleezy’s comedy, saying he didn’t find it funny. Berleezy wasn’t happy with some guy tearing him like that, and he commented on the video saying so. This pushed NemRaps over the edge, and he made a pretty evil diss track about Berleezy. To this Berleezy replied with his very own brutal diss track, in the middle of 7 eleven which was pretty hilarious. A plus point for Berleezy in all of this was his subscriber count went up.

#5 Rucka Rucka Ali vs. KSI

The drama began when Rucka Rucka Ali made a racist parody song ‘what does the black say?’ and KSI wasn’t happy about it, and he reacted to the song. He made it clear that the song was racist as hell and the drama could’ve ended there. However, Ali responded to the video again made everything so much worse for himself by making fun of KSI and mixing him up with another black YouTuber. KSI responded by roasting him through his diss track, which was pretty amazing, as he came for Ali’s music, his videos, his racist track all under one minute!


So next time your friend says something you don’t want to hear, you better respond with a diss track.



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