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Why Subscribers love YouTube collabs

Many successful YouTubers have decided to collaborate on a project or video at some point during their YouTube careers. The YouTube audience usually loves this kind of video. In fact, many content creators use collaboration videos to gain a larger following or up their subscribers. In the case of two specific Youtubers, they owe their success almost entirely to working with one another on videos. 9 years ago, “Danisnotonfire” and “AmazingPhil” made a Q and A style video together titled “AmazingPhilisnotonFire”. Then the unexpected happened. The video, had nearly double the amount of views that their usual videos did on their channel. In fact, it was so successful that now the two (who make individual content) almost solely built there YouTube careers off of collaborating together and have a gaming channel as a pair to prove it. Makes sense, right? With double the talent came double the subscribers. However, having two faces to look at instead of one is not the only reason that collaboration projects can be such major hits.

Collabs are funny!

They say that great minds think alike but great minds also laugh alike? I don’t know what it is about YouTubers working together but it always seems to make me laugh way more than usual! There is something about friends just hanging out, trying to put together some content that may or may not be going according to plan that makes for some quality entertainment. From challenge videos, to contests, to Q and As; you are usually in for a ride.

They create a unique experience!

When two different style channels can come together to work on something, it is unlike anything else that has been created in the past. Due to collabs between select YouTubers, viral content has been created and it is usually pretty original ideas. Some vloggers have a style that might not be your cup-of-tea on its own, but combined with another vloggers stylistic choices; you might find yourself enjoying the bouncing off of ideas.

They are safe spaces for fans to find new content to watch and enjoy (:

I cannot stress enough how important it is for YouTubers to show different sides of themselves. Choosing to do collabs with other creative individuals on outside channels allows YouTubers to produce content that they might not have felt comfortable posting on their own channel. YouTube is very specific usually with its branding, (EI. Someone who usually does beauty vlogs probably wouldn’t do a gaming video). However, most of us aren’t just interested in watching one type of video. When YouTubers go outside of their comfort zones to work on a collaboration project, it encourages the same type of behavior in their subscribers. If a YouTuber showcases another content creator on their channel, their subscribers might get to be exposed to something they otherwise wouldn’t know they were interested in. Likewise, both parties involved in the collaboration get to expose different aspects of their personality and also (hopefully) gain some subscribers!




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