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43 Of The Most Memorable YouTube Diss Tracks In History

Many famous YouTubers create diss tracks about other YouTubers and post them on their channel. Most of the time, YouTube diss tracks are caused by drama or problems between the YouTubers. Whether the drama is fake, real or just for fun, YouTubers still create entertaining diss tracks. In this article, you will read about 43 popular diss tracks produced by YouTubers.

1) RiceGum – Bitcoin (Bhad Bhabie Diss)

RiceGum and Bhad Bhabie both do not get along. This diss was created after the two going back and forth with each other. Their feud first started after RiceGum made a video dissing Bhad Bhabie’s “These Heaux” video. Bhad Bhabie responded with insults and now the two constantly upload content dissing each other. RiceGum uploaded this song about Bhad Bhabie in response to her insults about him

2) RiceGum – Frick Da Police (Official Music Video)

RiceGum’s diss track titled “Frick Da Police” was made in response to iDubbbz diss track called “Asian Jake Paul.” iDubbbz uploaded an episode on his series “Content Cop” referred to RiceGum as the “Asian Jake Paul.” Other YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Boyinaband, and h3h3productions were also featured in iDubbbz’s video This video angered RiceGum so he uploaded a diss track directed towards iDubbbz.

3) RiceGum – God Church ( Official Music Video )

RiceGum’s diss track “God Church” is about Tanner Fox, and his girlfriend Taylor. Tanner first decided to insult Ricegum in a few of his vlogs, and then eventually made a diss track titled “We do it best.”  In the music video, Tanner is seen crossing out Ricegums name and insulting him throughout the entire song.

4) RiceGum – It’s EveryNight Sis feat. Alissa Violet (Official Music Video)

One of RiceGums most known diss tracks is “Its EveryNight Sis.” RiceGum and Alissa Violet produced this diss track in response to Jake Pauls track “Its Everyday Bro.” Alissa Violet, Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend joined RiceGum in this diss track after their breakup turned into a lot of drama and problems. Also, This diss track peaked at #80 on Billboards Hot 100 in September 2017.


5) RiceGum – I Didn’t Hit Her (TheGabbieShow Diss Track) (Official Music Video)

RiceGum uploaded this diss track about fellow YouTuber TheGabbieShow. He created “I Didn’t Hit Her” in response to claims made by Gabbie that he assaulted her at her party. RiceGum denies the claims made my Gabbie and was upset with what she was saying so he created a diss track towards her.


6) Tanner Fox – We Do It Best (Official Music Video) feat. Dylan Matthew & Taylor Alesia

Tanner Fox released a Diss track towards RiceGum and Jake Paul called “We Do It Best.” Dylan Matthew and Taylor Alesia also joined Tanner Fox in this diss track. Tanner’s diss track was seen by RiceGum who later uploaded content about the diss track


7) RiceGum Roasts Me! (Diss Track)- Tanner Fox 

Tanner Fox uploaded a diss track towards RiceGum named #ripricegum. In this video, Tanner is with a huge crowd of people and raps insults about RiceGum. This was one of Tanner’s first diss tracks.  In the section below the video, Tanner states that this diss track is a joke.


8) Jake Paul – “Champion” (Official Music Video, feat. Jitt n Quan)

Jake Paul uploaded a diss track called “Champion” which was directed towards KSI’s brother, Deji. Jake’s brother Logan has drama with KSI so Jake uploaded this video for KSI’s little brother as a way of revenge. Jake Paul and Deji competed in a boxing match against each other.


9) Jake Paul – YouTube Stars Diss Track (Official Music Video)

Jake Paul uploaded “YouTube Stars Diss Track” as a message to others rather than making it a diss. The point of this “diss track” was to represent that Jake is misunderstood and is actually a good person. Also, he apologizes for his wrong actions in the past and hopes that people can see him in a positive way.



KSI’s diss track on Logan Paul, “On Point” is one of the biggest diss tracks on Youtube.  In the video, KSI made a big diss on Logan by making the intro to his video a recreation of Logan’s suicide forest video that caused lots of controversies.  KSI also talks about how he is going to beat Logan in their upcoming boxing match.


11) Deji – Wasteman (Jake Paul Diss Track)

Wasteman By Youtuber Deji, also known as ComedyShortsGamer, is another diss track regarding the boxing match that happened on August 25th.  In the song, Deji includes how Jake is rude to his fans, and how he is going to beat him in the fight. The music video is Deji walking around a boxing gym and training.  The music video did well and got more likes than dislikes rather than Jakes diss track that got more hate.



A few days before the boxing match, Logan Paul uploaded “Goodbye KSI” a diss track and response to KSI’s diss track.  Logan used old audio clips of KSI to make him look bad in the music video. This music video did well, especially for the short amount of time Logan and his team had to work on it.

13) FULL SONG: The Fall Of Jake Paul (Official Video) FEAT. Why Don’t We

The Fall of Jake Paul by Logan Paul is a diss track on his brother, Jake Paul.  Jake and Logan created drama between the two as a joke to make diss tracks. They turned out to be very popular, this one getting over 200 million views.


This song by Jake Paul is a diss track on himself.  He talks about all of the hate he gets from the internet, and how it makes him feel.  He admits to making mistakes and apologizes for them. This video attracted a lot of attention because Jake Paul acknowledged what he did wrong, and apologized for it. The song did well for his channel and his reputation.

15) Logang Sucks (DISS TRACK) Official Music Video

After Logan Paul dissed his brother Jakes first song “It’s everyday bro” in a vlog, Jake made a diss track on Logans fan base the “Logang.”  In the song, he mentions how his fans are better than Logans, and how he is doing better on YouTube than he is. Instead of uploading the music video separately, Jake included it at the end of one of his vlogs.


16) Asian Jake Paul (feat. Boyinaband) *DISS TRACK* iDubzz

Youtuber iDubzz created a 30-minute video exposing RiceGum for last summer.  Included in the video were clips from his streams making fun of mental illnesses, and other sensitive topics.  After the video did well, he decided to make a diss track on him. The diss track was very popular and included other big YouTubers such as Ethan from H3H3 and Pewdiepie.


17) The Rise Of The Pauls (Official Music Video) feat. Jake Paul #TheSecondVerse

After Logan and Jake Pauls many diss tracks against each other, they decided to make one together dissing Youtube, and Youtubers in particular who have dissed the two of them including Keemstar, H3H3, and even Pewdiepie.  This ended the fake internet drama between the two brothers.


18) Jake Paul – My Teachers (Feat SUNNY & AT3) 

This diss track is on Jake Pauls teachers from when he was a kid.  In the song, Jake says how in school, teachers never thought he would become anything, and how he never learned anything valuable from them.  The music video consists of kids in a classroom throwing papers at the teachers and hanging around the school.

19)Earthquake (Ft Ricegum) – KSI

Earthquake by KSI, was one of KSI’s first real diss tracks.  It is on another YouTuber known by the name Miniminter. Miniminter was a former sidemen member, which is KSI’s group of YouTube friends.  In the video, he and RiceGum diss Miniminter in many ways. They even hired an actor that looked like him for the music video to mock him.

20) W2S – KSI Sucks (RiceGum & KSI Diss Track) Official Video

W2S, or Wroteshaw, created a diss track on KSI after KSI left the sideman.  KSI decided to leave the group and started to talk badly of the Sidemen which angered many of the members.  W2S got so angered that he made a diss track on how KSI’s YouTube views have been down, and how his recent songs have not been doing well.


21) KSI – Little Boy (Official Music Video) 

After KSI’s first diss track on Miniminter “Earthquake” he decided to make another.  KSI decided to go farther than just insulting Miniminter, he decided to insult his family members, and how he was never wanted in the sidemen group.


22) Deji – Danielle Broccoli (Official Music Video)

After being dissed by Danielle Bregoli, Deji decided to make a diss track on her.  In the song, he talks about how she dropped out of school at age 13 and is not going to get anywhere.  Deji’s track is full of insults to Danielle and he says she will be irrelevant soon.


23) Zoie Burgher Diss – Zansation

Zoie Burgher, a streamer who manipulated lots of people for money.  She would do inappropriate things on stream while playing video games and eventually got permanently banned on the popular streaming platform, Twitch.  In the diss track, Zansation talks about how she manipulated so many people, including children just for money. He also mentions how she lies to her audience about who she is.


24) KSI’s Little Brother – Miniminter

After making multiple diss tracks on KSI, he made one on KSI’s younger brother Deji.  In the song, he mentions how all of their mutual friends took his side and turned against Deji.  This video got over 42 million views and is the most popular video on his channel.


25) Bend the Knee – NetNobody

NetNobody, a former Minecraft Youtuber was getting into drama with KSI over Twitter conversations.  NetNobody who is an aspiring rapper took right to the mic to diss KSI. The song talks about how KSI is only helping his views and subscriber count go up.  He


26) RiceDum- Official RiceGum Diss Track- Bart Baker

Youtuber Bart Baker made a diss track on RiceGum titled “RiceDum.”  In the music video, he mocks RiceGums style of rapping, and how he only raps about how much money he has.  He even hired an actor to rap badly on the track to mock him.


27) Ungrateful – ComedyShortsGamer

ComedyShortsGamer or Deji, created a diss track titled “Ungrateful” where he makes a comeback to another Sidemen diss track.  In this, he focuses on how a specific member “Simon” would be interested in only the fame and money and was not appreciative of his fans.  Deji also stated how he helped Simon when he got kicked out of school and how he never thanked him.


28) Finished – Behzinga

Sidemen member “Behzinga” makes a diss track to KSI’s diss track.  In the song, he raps about how KSI’s only good diss was on his weight.  Ethan or “Behzinga” also talks about how KSI only makes certain videos because the topics are trending.


29) Adam’s Apple – KSI

In this diss track, KSI disses NetNobody.  He disses him for being abusive to his girlfriend, and for dissing him.  KSI includes Adam’s (NetNobody’s) ex-girlfriend in the music video to add to the diss.  This music video was very popular and attracted a lot of attention.  


30) Diss God – Jake Paul & Team 10 Diss Track

Smaller YouTuber “Diss God” made a diss track on Jake Paul and his Team 10.  In the video, he talks about how he used to be the ghostwriter for RiceGum and many other diss track YouTubers and brought them to fame.  Diss God raps about how unoriginal Jakes song was, and he disses almost all of the Team 10 members.


31) Jake Paul – It’s Everyday Bro (Song) feat. Team 10 (Official Music Video)

Jake Paul and his Youtube group “Team 10” created a song called “It’s everyday bro” and in the video, he insults Alissa Violet, his ex-girlfriend.  This inspired Alissa, and RiceGum to create “It’s everynight sis” which is a diss track on Jake Paul. This is one of the most popular YouTube songs.


32) Drama – Behzinga

After KSI left the sidemen group, he had the most drama with “Behzinga.”   This diss track was about how KSI made a mistake by leaving the group, and that he left because he was selfish and wanted more money.  All though the video was short, and got fewer views than the other diss tracks from the Sidemen, it still caught KSI’s eye and inspired his diss track “Earthquake.”


33) The End- Sidemen Diss Track Reply- Vikkstar123

After Deji created a diss track on the sidemen group, he mentioned how the sidemen member “Vikkstar” wouldn’t respond, so this diss track was Vik’s response and he talked badly about Deji and how the rest of the group doesn’t want him back.


34) WolfieRaps- Check the Statistics Feat. RiceGum (Big Shaq Diss Track)

YouTuber WolfieRaps made a response to a diss track made on him by Big Shaq.  In Big Shaq’s diss, he mentions how he does better on YouTube than Wolfie and his friends.  Wolfie comes back with this diss track and talks about how Big Shaq should “Check the statistics” and that he gets more views, and is more successful.  RiceGum isn’t featured in the video, Wolfie put that in the title to mock Big Shaq for clickbait.


35) How Bout Dat (Danielle Bregoli Diss Track) – Zach Clayton

After Danielle Bregoli dissed social media star Zach Clayton, he decided to make a diss track on her.  In the song, Zach talks about Danielle’s past of getting into fights with her mom, getting arrested, and her infamous Dr. Phil interview where she says “Cash me outside how bout dat.”  That interview is what made her famous, and he disses her about it multiple times in the track.


36) RiceGum Wannabe- NoBoom ft iiFNaTik 

YouTuber NoBoom made a diss track on his friend Hyper.  This diss track was just for fun but did very well for his career.  He dissed Hyper on how he click baits, and how his diss track copied RiceGums.


37) The Crew Diss Track-NoBoom ft. PrestonPlayz 

Another Diss Track by NoBoom is The Crew Diss Track where he featured his friend PrestonPlayz on the track.  His group of friends used to upload videos on a popular game “Minecraft” and the dissed them on how their channels aren’t doing well since they decided to switch their content styles.  This track was just for fun as all the guys still live in the same house, and are in each other’s videos every day.

38) Sidemen Diss Track- Deji

After making diss tracks on almost all of the sidemen members, Deji decided to make a diss track on all of the sidemen collectively.  In the song, he disses each Sidemen one by one and says how he is better off without the group. This diss track caused a lot of drama between the Sidemen and Deji. 


39)It’s Not Everyday Bro-Jake Paul Diss Track- JMX 

Jake Paul decided to make a contest where the best diss track on him would win, and YouTuber JMX’s diss track music video won.  In the track, he got him and his friends to diss Jake and his friends. The track brings up Jake’s ex-girlfriend, and how he fell on stage at the Teens Choice awards.


40)The End of KSI’s Brother Diss Track Ft. The Sidemen- W2S

After W2S made a diss track on Deji, and Deji responded, W2S responded again and dissed Deji on how his merch clothing line isn’t selling, and how his comeback diss track wasn’t impressive. Most of the sidetracks about Deji made by W2S are about him leaving the group. 


41)FaZe Rain Diss Track- FaZe Blaze

FaZe Blaze and FaZe Rain are two popular FaZe members and Youtubers.  They decided to hop on the trend of making diss tracks by making them on each other.  FaZe Rain included RiceGum in his diss track because of his experience in making successful tracks before.  Although there was no drama behind the track, they both found success with their videos.


42)RiceGum Diss Track Exposed – Quadeca

Small YouTuber “Quadeca” made a diss track on YouTuber RiceGum.  In the song, he talks about how RiceGum doesn’t care about anything but money and fame.  He also talks about RiceGums inconsistent upload schedule, his past and how he bullied a rape victim.  This music video helped Quadeca gain lots of subscribers and attention from the rap community on YouTube.


43) W2S – KSI Exposed

After making multiple diss tracks on Deji, W2S received backlash from Deji’s brother, KSI on Twitter.  To settle the drama, W2S decided to make yet another diss track but this time on KSI instead of Deji. He talks about how KSI is irrelevant to him, how the sidemen are better without both him and Deji, and how KSI’s channel is dying now that he is out of the Sidemen group.



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