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7 Reasons Why Most YouTubers Move to L.A.

Many aspiring or famous YouTubers move to Los Angeles to pursue their dream. Many move from other states and even countries to become famous. This city has beautiful weather, celebrities, and endless opportunities for YouTubers. In this article, you will read about the 8 top reasons why YouTubers move to Los Angeles.

1) Upcoming Networks are in Los Angeles

One reason YouTubers move to Los Angeles is that of their goal of becoming noticed by big networks. These networks will help the YouTuber become famous and provide them with the skills needed in order to achieve their dreams. Some of the most popular networks are based in Los Angeles. These networks include Maker Studios, Fullscreen, Collective Digital Studio, Machinima, and Alloy Digital. Some networks sign YouTubers outside of L.A. but it’s more convenient for these networks if YouTubers live near them.

2) Collaborations

Another reason YouTubers move to L.A. is to have the ability to collaborate with other YouTubers. YouTubers often create collaboration videos with other YouTubers living in L.A. It is much easier to collaborate when YouTubers live in the same state as the other people that they choose to collaborate with. Collaborating also increases their popularity which is very beneficial to their career. Additionally, the top independent YouTube creators also live in L.A. who will help aspiring YouTubers achieve their goals.

3) The Ability for YouTubers to receive Funding from Companies

YouTubers living in Los Angeles have many more opportunities to receive funding from large companies. This funding helps YouTubers have what they need in order to achieve their goals. Two popular funding companies are LaunchPad and Amplify. Also, these companies are dedicated to helping new aspiring stars raise funding and give them the resources that they need. Funding companies help YouTubers reach the next level of their career and help them become more popular. YouTubers require funding for their videos, clothes, merchandise and many more.

4) Features the Best Resources for the Production of YouTube Videos- YouTube Space L.A

Another reason why YouTubers move to L.A is that it has the best resources for YouTubers. There is an abundance of production equipment which makes it easier for aspiring YouTubers to buy the products they need. For example, there is a YouTube Creator Space which is a place with the needed equipment for aspiring YouTubers. It features training programs, production equipment such as cameras, green screens and many more all for free.  This assures YouTubers who apply, that they have a chance to improve their careers even if they are on a budget.

5) Landing roles in TV shows and Movies

Many YouTubers move to L.A to be introduced to entertainment networks such as TV and Movie networks. L.A is the center of entertainment. They are able to audition for many different TV Shows and Movies due to the abundance of growing networks. A YouTuber’s popularity will drastically increase by being featured on TV or in a movie and may even start their career as an actor. Also, there are many resources for YouTubers who are aspiring actors. For example, there are acting classes where YouTubers can learn skills to become actors.

6) Warm and Sunny Weather

Another reason why YouTubers move to L.A is because of its beautiful weather. The weather here is warm and sunny which many enjoy. Also, there is an abundance of beaches here which creates the perfect place to film videos. The beautiful blue water and clear skies look lovely in videos and are a nice addition to a YouTuber’s video. Filming outside is another opportunity to improve their videos without any cost towards their production.

7) Easier to Afford compared to other big cities

Although living in L.A can be expensive, it is cheaper than living in New York City. The rent is cheaper in L.A. This allows creators to use their money towards the production of videos rather than putting it all towards rent. Also, there are many jobs open in L.A such as filmmakers, crews, and actors which is a great way to make money along with their YouTube career. Because of this, YouTubers are able to use their money to advance their careers.

Conclusion: Dreams Come True

Also, many aspiring YouTube stars move to L.A hoping for their dreams to come true. Their dreams may consist of becoming famous, landing acting roles, and many more. L.A is considered the perfect place for aspiring stars due to the abundant resources and opportunities. Because of this, many YouTubers move here from their home states with the goal of their careers blowing up and becoming famous. Many YouTubers also have the dream of having a Hollywood reputation where everyone knows who they are and what they do.



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