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YouTube Collaborations 101

Considering that nearly 63 percent of Gen Z check YouTube on a daily basis, it is no surprise that YouTube collaborations are one of the hottest trends right now.

YouTube creators – also known as influencers or vloggers – are the new video superstars. They are content creators at heart and are constantly looking for new ideas to create better content. One way for YouTubers to create truly amazing content is through collaboration with other YouTubers. Collaborations have many benefits for creators such as increased exposure through cross-over appearance, exchanging knowledge and ideas and in the end more subscribers and views.


What is a YouTube Collaboration?

 A YouTube collaboration, or “collab” as they are commonly known, is when one or more creators work together to create content. Here are a few examples:

Guest Appearances: When one creator joins another creator’s YouTube video in person to be interviewed or to discuss a topic that they have in common.  Here’s an example where James Charles has Jeffree Star as a guest.

Collab Video:  Both creators work together to create, edit, and share the video. In this example, Dope or Nope and Markiplier do a Disney Song challenge together.

Remote Guest Interviews: When the creators can’t get together in person, they may do an interview online. In this case, you’ll see each of the creator’s separate screens. For example, the YouTube personality, Shane, interviews various other YouTube creators in this video.

Exchange Mentions: The easiest method of collaboration, exchanging mentions consists of one creator giving another creator a shout out in their video. In this video, Logan Paul calls out PewDiePie and links to his channel.


How do Collabs help YouTubers Grow?

 YouTube collabs can be an extremely effective way to bring more exposure to each of the influencer’s YouTube channels. It allows each creator to connect and gain visibility with the other creator’s audience. Increased visibility results in more subscribers, increased views, and longer watch times.

YouTube creator’s fans often go crazy when they post new collabs. Viewers love the community aspect of YouTube and find it very exciting when their favorite vlogger gets together with another one of their favorite bloggers. More often than not, collaborations are the most-watched videos on a creator’s channel!


What Makes a Collab Successful?

  1. For a collab to be successful, it’s essential that both influencers are in the same niche or have similar audiences. Otherwise, one of the influencer’s viewers might not relate to the guest’s content, and the video will not be a hit.
  2. Both vloggers should already have loyal subscriber bases and quality content that they regularly share on their channels. If not, there is nothing to gain by collaborating.
  3. Consistency is key. Each of the YouTube creators should consistently share content with their community and should also be consistent in collaborating with different influencers. The most successful creators work with others at least once a month.

As YouTube is one of the most popular ways for influencers to connect with their loyal fans, collaborations between creators is a trend we don’t see going away anytime soon. With authentic and compatible fan bases, quality content and consistency, creators are sure to see more views and exceptional subscriber growth to their channels as a result of collaboration.



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