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YouTubers Can Now Collaborate With Instagrammers Via Video-Replies

Most collabs have one thing in common – organizing them can be a ton of work! Especially when it comes to cross-platform collaborations such as YouTube & Instagram. Finding the right Instagrammers with a similar audience, contacting them, then shooting the content and finally editing the footage can take a long long time….and is far away from being spontaneous.

Spontaneous cross-platform collaborations are now easier than ever before

Good news: this is just about to change! We talked to the founders of Mosaeek, a young startup which is about to change how YouTubers can collaborate with Instagrammers. Mosaeek is allowing content creators on Instagram to record spontaneous video-reactions directly on top of all YouTube videos that you share with your audience. Each comment will be time-tagged and visible on the timeline exactly on the second, where it was recorded.

Other creators or fans that want to engage with you can just spontaneously record video-comments at any point and become a direct part of your content. And the coolest thing: the interaction will take place directly inside your Instagram stories, where the engagement is higher and faster paced than on YouTube. The only thing you need to do in order to make your YouTube videos interactive is to paste the YT link into a Mosaeek video generator. The software will then generate a unique link with the interactive functionalities. You can either prepare an entire scenario with other content creators before sharing it publically or directly post the link into your stories via “swipe-up”.

“We observed that many YouTubers have many subscribers on YouTube, but far fewer followers on Instagram. It seems quite hard for YouTubers to share their main content on Instagram in order to attract the same reach as on YouTube. Mosaeek is basically building a content bridge between YouTube and Instagram – kind of like the best of both worlds: Vlogs, how-to’s and other iconic YouTube formats will collide with the super-engaged audiences and influencers on Instagram. A completely new social experience. And the best is that it’s super interactive with spontaneous and time-tagged spontaneous video-replies.”

Carlo Thissen, Co-Founder of Mosaeek

Mutual benefits on YouTube and on Instagram?

This opens whole new possibilities how creators can spontaneously react to each other’s content and get creative together. It was important for the founders that everyone benefits: As the interaction is happening essentially on YouTube Videos, the YouTuber benefits from a boost in average watch time due to the interactivity of the content. The collaborating influencers, who leave comments on other YouTube videos, can increase their reach to other audiences, increase their likelihood to be discovered and to grow their followers. Like that, influencers can create strong bonds by networking with similar content creators and grow together.
Small influencers with a strong bond with their audience might be most interested in the growth possibilities through collaboration and being close to their audiences.

It’s hot! Go get it!

Mosaeek is currently working together with several content creators who are experimenting with video-replies on top of their YouTube videos. The first results and feedback is very promising, so the three founders are confident that Mosaeek will be useful to so many more content creators out there.

Interested in giving Mosaeek a try? If you are a YouTuber or Instagrammer and want to start collaborating with other creators then head over to their website.

If you have someone in mind who should start using this on his or her Instagram right now, then share this link with your favorite content creator.



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