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If You Love Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Theories, Check Out These 12 YouTubers!

In this article, you will read about 12 YouTubers like Shane Dawson. He is one of the most popular YouTubers on YouTube. He has been on YouTube since the beginning of 2008 and has accumulated a huge fan base since then. Not only is Shane known for his amusing videos, but he is also known for his conspiracy theory videos. Shane discusses a variety of conspiracy theories about different topics on his YouTube channel. His videos inspired the conspiracy theory trend on YouTube. Shane’s videos have caused other YouTubers to create conspiracy videos and even entire channels dedicated to conspiracy theories. These YouTubers are like Shane Dawson and create their own conspiracy videos. 

1) Slapped Ham 

Slapped Ham is a YouTube channel that posts videos about mysterious and sometimes scary situations. His videos involve ghosts, haunted places, unsolved mysterious and aliens. Additionally, Slapped Ham uploads videos that are similar to Shane Dawson because both post about mysteries and haunted locations. Along with haunted locations, both YouTubers upload videos about horrifying things that are seen on pictures/videos. Slapped Ham’s channel correlates with Shane Dawson’s page about scary topics.

2)Michelle Platti

Michelle Platti is a YouTuber that covers conspiracy theories along with weird concepts, baking videos, guilty or not guilty and other mystery videos. Also, Michelle’s personality is similar to Shane’s. She is a comedic and outgoing individual who creates videos on serious topics but adds a humorous swing to it. Along with all of her conspiracy videos, Michelle also uploads videos of her baking and of her driving where she talks about a variety of topics.

3) Kendall Rae 

Kendall Rae uploads videos about unsolved crimes and current events that have a mysterious aspect to them. This includes videos about what is happening on the news and her views on what she think actually happened. Further, Most of the stories that Kendall covers are mysteries or crimes that have happened or is currently happening. Kendall shares her honest opinion regardless of what others think.

4) Raphael Gomes 

Raphael Gomes is a YouTuber with a similar personality to Shane Dawson. He is a very comedic YouTuber who focuses the content of his videos on food. Some of the types of his videos include mini vs real food, American vs British food, food hacks, and food challenges. Additionally, Raphael uploaded a video about food conspiracy theories similar to Shane Dawson’s conspiracy-related content.

5) Bella Fiori

Bella Fiori’s channel includes a little bit of almost everything. Her content includes mystery cases, conspiracy theories, fashion, and vlogs. Furthermore, She focuses her videos on specific cases and gives information about it and then explains what she and others think happened. The variety of video choices on Bella’s channel creates an entertaining space for fans to enjoy regardless of what they are looking to watch. Additionally, Bella has a bubbly personality similar to Shane which excites her fans to watch her latest video.

Click here to view her channel.

6) WatchMojo 

WatchMojo’s content includes various different types of videos. Many are the “Top 10” of a specific topic. There are also “what if” videos that cause viewers to really think about the possibility of unimaginable abilities such as teleporting or controlling the weather. The variety of topics makes WatchMojo’s channel perfect for anyone who has no clue what they want to watch.

7) Channel Frederator

Channel Frederator is another YouTuber who uploads content about conspiracy theories, facts, and anything related to cartoons. His conspiracy videos are about Cartoons such as Spongebob, My Hero Academia, Rick and Morty and many more. Channel Frederator analyzes cartoons and discusses different conspiracy theories about them.

8) Matthew Santoro 

Matthew Santora is a YouTuber with a similar personality as Shane Dawson and similar video content. He covers weird topics, scary topics, 50 amazing facts, and podcasts. Also, he is known for his videos about creepy content and mysteries that he discusses and analyzes in his video. Furthermore, His videos are meant to shock viewers and teach them something new. He features videos that teach viewers 50 new facts in addition to his videos on creepy stories.

9) LoeyLane 

Loey Lane is a YouTuber who uploads videos about spirits, story time, plus-size outfit inspiration and beauty related topics. Not only does Loey upload fashion and beauty videos, she also uploads conspiracy theory videos. An example of this is “5 Creepy Disney Conspiracy theories.”  Additionally, Loey stays overnight in haunted places where she films her entire experience which entices her fans to watch the video to find out what happened while she was at the haunted place. This is similar to how Shane Dawson uploaded a video of him ghost hunting a haunted hotel. Also, she offers non-scary videos on her channel for fans who are not interested in scary topics.

10) Reaction Time

Reaction Time is a YouTube channel that uploads funny reactions to videos or events that are going viral. Also, he reacts to texts, tweets, and scary internet videos. He uploads his reactions to scary videos on the internet which is very entertaining to viewers due to his shrieks and screams. Similar to Shane Dawson, some of his scary video reactions are titled “DONT WATCH THIS AT NIGHT.” Many of the videos on Reaction Time’s YouTube channel are amusing and funny and will always make his viewers laugh.  


KMACK TIME is a channel that posts cartoon conspiracy theories every Thursday. Along with these conspiracy theory videos, he uploads videos about gaming, news and anything “geek-related” as he calls it. His conspiracy videos are about different cartoons such as Pokemon, Edd n Eddy, Hey Arnold and many more. Also, KMACK TIME uploads theories about Star Wars. To conclude, his content is very informative and interesting which keeps his fans waiting for new content every week.  

12) Rachel Leary 

Rachel Leary is known for her beauty tutorials on YouTube. Rachel’s channel features a little bit of everything from makeup tutorials to conspiracy theories. Also, she uploads hauls, fashion videos, and Q & A’s. Additionally, Rachel is very talented with makeup and is mostly known for her beauty tutorials. Along with this, she uploaded a video titled TOP 5 CONSPIRACY THEORIES EXPLAINED! WITH EVIDENCE!” In this video, she discusses conspiracy theories similar to Shane’s videos.



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