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๐Ÿ’” 5 YouTubers Who Took a Break from YouTube

1) Fred

The channel Fred was founded by Lucas Cruikshank and was extremely popular. This channel became famous remarkably quickly and appeared everywhere. He got an offer to star in a sitcom called Marvin Marvin as a lead role so he chose to abandon his YouTube channel. After the sitcom did not do as well as he had planned it to, he returned to YouTube again but was not successful. Lucas Cruikshank has a new channel called Lucas which he is very active on but he abandoned the channel Fred so now the channel is composed of old videos.

2) SkyDoesMinecraft

Famous Minecraft YouTuber SkyDoesMinecraft is now leaving his YouTube channel with over 11 million subscribers. He has been very successful with his YouTube career and is big in the YouTube gaming community. He released two farewell videos, one was kid-friendly and the other one was not. SkyDoesMinecraft basically said that he no longer enjoys playing Minecraft and does not like the gaming community either so he is deciding to leave.

3) Anthony Padilla left Smosh

Former Smosh member Anthony Padilla announced that he would be leaving the duo to explore other passions. Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox formed Smosh over 12 years ago and became very popular. Anthony posted a very sincere farewell saying that he is sad to be leaving Smosh, but is excited to follow his new journey. Smosh continues to be just as popular with only Ian Hecox producing entertaining YouTube videos. Anthony and Ian have no harsh feelings against each other and are still close friends.

4) Jesse Wellens

Jesse Wellens just announced on Twitter saying that he is planning to leave YouTube for good. In his Twitter post, he said โ€œItโ€™s time to move on to bigger and better stuff in the entertainment world. I had a good run.โ€ Many are suspecting that this has to do with Jesse Wellens breakup with Jeana Smith a while ago. Their channel was called PrankvsPrank. It consisted of videos of them playing pranks on each other and would record their reactions. Their channel was very popular and loved by their millions of subscribers. Jesse and Jeana broke up in May 2016, and they said it was due to the destruction of their relationship from their YouTube channel. Now, Jesse Wellens is leaving YouTube to get away from his past with Jeana and move on to better things.

5) Hannah Minx – MissHannahMinx

Hannah Minx was a very popular YouTuber who looked like an anime character brought to life. She expressed her love of the Japanese language and culture in her videos. She would consistently post JWOW videos which stood for Japanese Word of the Week. Then, Hannah stopped posting videos without any warning and left her fans wondering where she went. No one seems to know why Hannah Minx abruptly left YouTube. There were two main rumors about why she left YouTube. The first rumor is that she left because she got married or had a child. The second rumor was that she was done dealing with the constant harassment and bullying that she received from haters about her body.




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