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Good Mythical Morning Buying Smosh?

MCN, Defy Media bought Smosh but has now gone defunct. Smosh is left without a home, but Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning may buy Smosh. Could Mythical Entertainment save the popular Smosh channel?

On February 15th, Variety released an article talking about how sources tell them that Mythical Entertainment has been in talks to acquire the Smosh brand. They mention that multiple buyers have shown interest. However, Good Mythical Morning’s Mythical Entertainment would be a great fit for the channel.


Mythical Entertainment


In a stream for GTLive, Matthew and Stephanie Patrick mentioned their experience at the Good Mythical Morning show. They mentioned that there were around 40 people working there in a massive office [studio]. They were surprised to see the team bring out “this basket of snacks that you can, like, barely lift because there’s so much in it and it’s so heavy and it’s all beautifully arranged…” And Stephanie goes on. You get the picture. Matt remarked on the cameras used. “When it does come to Good Mythical Morning and how they film all of their videos, it’s literally like true, real T.V cameras.” Stephanie threw in that there was a jib crane. Those are not cheap, ladies and gentlemen. Essentially, being able to afford a large crew, nice equipment, and all the things they get to do, shows that Mythical Entertainment can manage themselves very well.


Why GMM is the Perfect Candidate


Matthew remarked on Rhett and Link’s background in comedy and sketches even before Good Mythical Morning. “If anyone understands kinda what Smosh is doing and kind of short-form comedy on YouTube… they’re a good place to do it.” Which is true. Coming from some similar backgrounds and both being YouTube oriented, not big business oriented, makes them a better fit. YouTubers have been screwed over by big businesses who just want to cash in on the YouTube fame paycheck so many times. Mythical Entertainment taking control of Smosh would be a sigh of relief for Smosh fans.

Matthew used to work at Defy, consulting them. He commented on how he told Defy several times that they were spending too much money on different channel’s productions. One of those being Smosh. They spent too much money on productions including too many people working on it that they couldn’t pay. “$10s of thousands of dollars” were being spent that they would not be able to earn back.

So it seems like Mythical Entertainment could really benefit Smosh and help them spend less and become profitable once again. If they didn’t think they could do that, they wouldn’t try to buy the brand.


What This Means For Smosh


As of now, the Smosh guys can’t make videos under their brand, they have no equipment and no hired crew. All they own is gone. They could have started under another brand on a brand new channel. But they’re not a channel like Markiplier or Jacksepticeye, who fans follow for the individual. Smosh is a channel many enjoy to watch, but maybe not follow all of the videos closely. Starting anew would be very difficult. If someone, hopefully, Mythical Entertainment, buys their brand and channels, Smosh will not have to start from scratch. ME will likely become like an MCN or management, but better. Depending on their contract, ME may set a budget for Smosh, share equipment, maybe crew, and generally, be able to work together somewhat similarly to Buzzfeed did. You’re looking at the Smosh you know and love, coming back new and improved.


What do you think of Mythical Entertainment buying Smosh? Should they have started from scratch or bought by someone else? Let us know.



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