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101 of the Most Entertaining YouTube Challenges

Challenges on YouTube are extremely popular. YouTubers post themselves doing challenges for many different reasons. For example, challenges are easy for fans to see different sides of their favorite YouTubers. Also, they allow collaboration with other YouTubers uniting fan groups and forming new friendships.
YouTube challenge videos are a great way to participate in a YouTube community. Whether you are a YouTube content creator or just a viewer, they promise to be entertaining. More often than not, these challenges require more than one person to recreate. So, grab a friend, and get ready to enjoy this list of some of the best YouTube challenge ideas out there right now.

1) The Eat It or Wear It Challenge

In the Eat It or Wear it Challenge, players are forced to eat a variety of foods and have to wear it if they decide not to eat it. Some player may choose not to eat the food because it may be gross or weird. Many YouTubers participate in this challenge because it is very entertaining for their fans to watch.

2) The Whisper Challenge

The goal of the Whisper Challenge is to figure out what a person is saying by reading their lips while you have headphones in. The music needs to be loud enough that you cancnot hear what the person is saying. This challenge is very amusing to watch.

3) Last to Leave the Circle Challenge

In the Last to leave the circle challenge, players  “camp” out in a circle and are not allowed to leave the circle. If they leave the circle, they lose the challenge. Whoever stays in the circle the longest, wins the game.

4) Chubby Bunny

Players in the Chubby Bunny Challenge have to see who can last the longest with the most marshmallows in their mouth. Players cannot chew or swallow the marshmallow and must say “Chubby Bunny” before moving to the next person.” People enjoy this challenge because it is entertaining to hear people try to talk with a bunch of marshmallows in their mouth.

5) The Cinnamon Challenge

The Cinnamon Challenge was very popular but is dangerous. This challenge is to eat a spoonful of cinnamon and see if you can handle it. This challenge blew up on the internet but many were harmed because of it, so it the challenge is not popular anymore.


6) Innuendo Bingo

Innuendo Bingo is a challenge where participants have to avoid laughing to keep the water in their mouth. Players have to try not to laugh while several audio clips are played in the background. Each time a player spits out water, they must take an additional sip for the next round. The goal is to survive the most rounds without spitting out water.


7) Touch my Body

This challenge is for older individuals and is a more intimate challenge. The goal of the Touch my Body challenge is to guess the other player’s body part while blindfolded. Players switch back and forth and the winner is whoever gets the most guesses correct.


8) Speed Drawing

The Speed Drawing challenge involves a few players who have to draw pictures without a short time span. The winner of the challenge is the person with the best drawing. On YouTube, players usually have a theme for their drawings which helps to narrow down which player is the winner.


9) Bean Boozled Challenge

The Bean Boozled Challenge is extremely popular throughout YouTube. This challenge involves jelly beans that are mixed with appetizing flavors along with disgusting ones. Participants take turns eating Jelly Beans, not knowing if they are going to get a tasty jelly bean or a gross one. Flavors of the gross jelly beans include freshly cut grass, throw up, stinky socks and dead fish.


10) The Disney Challenge

The Disney Challenge is a challenge where participants listen to a list of Disney songs and guess the song name. They also have to know which movie that particular song is in. About 7-10 seconds of the song is played which makes it extremely difficult to recognize the song.


11) Charlie Charlie Pencil Game

This challenge goes along with the monster trend in the YouTube community. The goal is to call the ghost or spirit of a boy named Charlie with a piece of paper and two pens or pencils. Then, the YouTube says “Charlie, Charlie are you there?” If the pencil moves and lands on yes, then you can ask him more questions.


12) Ghost Pepper Challenge

The Ghost Pepper challenge is a challenge in which someone eats a famous Ghost Pepper. These peppers are extremely spicy and hot. The goal is to see how long a participant can go without drinking milk or something to make the heat go away. If a participant does not cry or scream due to the spiciness, then they are the ‘winner.’


13) Say Anything

Say Anything, is a challenge where participants have to say any word that has not already been said in that round. There must be a minimum of two players, and players cannot repeat previously said words or else they will have to put a piece of scotch tape on their face.  


14) 100 Layers

The 100 Layers challenge involves players putting 100 layers of something on and seeing what happens. This includes items such as hats, shirts, mascara, nail polish and many more. Many people enjoy this challenge due to the difficulty and shocking outcomes.


15) Wet Head Challenge

This challenge involves trivia questions for players and a helmet with tubes attached. If a player answers a question incorrectly, one of the tubes gets pulled causing water to spill out. The more questions a player gets wrong, the more water spills out resulting in them losing the game.


16) Try Not To Sing Challenge

This challenge is very difficult for some people, especially ones who like to sing. Players have to listen to catchy songs and are not allowed to sing or dance to the music. If players move or sing, they instantly lose.


17) Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge was very popular back in 2016. The song “Black Beatles” plays in the background, and everyone freezes in place In this challenge, no one is allowed to move while the song plays. Also, the Mannequin challenge was done by many different YouTubers.


18) No Thumbs Challenge

The No Thumbs Challenge is a challenge where participants have to complete various tasks while their thumbs are tied up. Doing tasks without thumbs is very difficult but it is amusing to watch participants complete this challenge.


19) Full Face Challenge

The Full Face Challenge is a challenge that involves participants putting something on their entire face. The object they put on their face varies. The goal of this challenge is to fill every inch of your face with this particular object/substance.

20) The Yoga Challenge

The Yoga Challenge is a challenge perfect for people who enjoy yoga. In this challenge, participants are encouraged to try different yoga positions and see if they are able to successfully do them. Also, this challenge is funny for viewers to watch their favorite YouTubers try to bend in certain ways.


21) 7 Seconds Challenge

The 7 Seconds Challenge is a challenge in which one participant has to perform a task in only 7 seconds. If the task is not completed correctly in under 7 seconds, the person loses.


22) Water Bottle Flip Challenge

The Water Bottle Flip Challenge was popular around the nation. Many took this challenge to their YouTube channels and tried to successful flip the water bottle on video. The goal is to have the water bottle land on the right side up. Some believe the success comes from true luck and others believe it comes from timing.


22) Brain Freeze Challenge

The Brain Freeze Challenge involves a bathtub filled with ice along with a partner who can ask you trivia questions. One player sits in the ice tub and other asks them trivia questions. If the person answers correctly, then they are allowed to come out of the freezing bathtub.


23) The Smoothie Challenge

The Smoothie Challenge is where participants have to make a smoothie out of ingredients written down on paper that they pick out of a bowl. These ingredients include 10 tasty and 10 gross. After they make the smoothie, they have to drink it whether or not it has gross ingredients in it.


24) Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

The Blindfolded Makeup Challenge is often done with couples on YouTube. The boyfriend has to put a blindfold on and then tries to do his girlfriend’s makeup. This is difficult because he cannot see and may not be knowledgeable about makeup. The outcome of this challenge is hilarious due to the crazy makeup look at the end.


25) Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

This challenge is similar to the Blindfolded makeup challenge, but this is about drawing. Participants are blindfolded and asked to draw a specific thing. Other players will try to guess what exactly the blindfolded player drew.


26) The Pizza Challenge

The Pizza Challenge is another challenge based on food. Players are surrounded by various mysterious things. They have to place a specific number of the mystery ingredients on the pizza and then eat a slice.


27) Whipped Cream Challenge

In the Whipped Cream Challenge, participants have to take a whipped cream pie to the face. This challenge benefits the 17 Strong Foundation. Participants nominate their friends or family to complete the challenge as well, and if they do not then they are asked to donate to the foundation.


28) Internet Slang Challenge

The Internet Slang Challenge is a trivia game that asks participants the meaning of internet slang words. The winner of this challenge is the person who answers the most questions correctly.


29) Cotton Ball Challenge

The Cotton Ball Challenge involves lots of cotton balls, a blindfold, and a bowl. One player has to put a bowl on their head and a bowl of cotton balls. The participant who is blindfolded has to put the cotton balls into the head bowl. The difficulties of this challenge include being blindfolded and having to use a spoon to transfer the cotton balls to the bowl.


30) McDonalds Roulette Challenge

Individuals participating in the McDonalds Roulette Challenge have to go through a McDonald’s drive-thru and order what the previous person ordered. Other participants have to do the same thing but at different fast food drive-thrus. No one knows what exactly they are going to get nor how much food the previous person ordered.


31) The Rolex Challenge

The Rolex Challenge is a dance challenge. Participants post videos of themselves dancing to a particular song for the Rolex Challenge. 


32) Guess That Song Challenge

The goal of the Guess that Song Challenge is to correctly guess what the song title is of a song after hearing it for 10 seconds. Many YouTubers participate in this and see who knows the most songs.


33) Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge was created about Kylie Jenner shared how she made her lips plumper. This challenge is to see how big and plump someone can get their lips to be by sticking their lips into a glass. In order for this challenge to work, a participant’s lips have to create a seal inside the container.


34) The Saltine Challenge

The goal of the Saltine Challenge is to eat six saltine crackers without any liquids. Saltine crackers are very dry and starchy which makes this challenge difficult. Also, this challenge has to be completed in less than a minute.


35) The Floor is Lava Challenge

In The Floor is Lava challenge, participants have to get their feet off of the floor when someone yells “the floor is lava.” Participants will jump onto chairs, hang on walls, and anything else that gets their feet off of the ground. If someone does not move in 5 seconds to get out of the ‘lava’ then they will lose the game.


36) The Toilet Paper Fort Challenge

In this challenge, participants have to build a fort out of toilet paper while they are in a grocery store. This challenge is challenging because participants have to avoid being thrown out by security.


37) The 10,000 Calorie Challenge

The goal of the 10,000 Calorie Challenge is to eat over 10,000 calories in one day or even one sitting. Many YouTubers who participate in this consume fast food from McDonald’s or Burger King. Some YouTubers even dedicate their whole channels to these types of challenges.


38) What’s in my Mouth Challenge

For this challenge, one participant is blindfolded and the other places different food items into their mouth. The person who is blindfolded has to guess what the food is that is placed into their mouth. Some YouTubers choose to do tasty foods and others decide to choose disgusting foods.  


39) Bubble Gum Challenge 

In The Bubble Gum challenge, participants have to consume a bunch of bubble gum and see what happens. Some YouTubers have even put over 100 pieces of gum into their mouths. Also, this challenge was launched for Oral Cancer Awareness to help raise awareness for people suffering from oral cancer.


40) Accent Challenge

The goal of the Accent Challenge is to try out different accents and perfect them. Many fans enjoy watching their YouTubers imitate different types of accents. Some types of accents include British, Australian and German.


41) Real vs. Gummy Challenge

Participants in the  Real vs. Gummy Challenge eat various things off of two dishes. One dish has a gummy candy on it and the other dish has a real version of that same thing. YouTubers do not know whether or not they are eating the real object. One of the most popular items for this challenge is bugs.


42) Tin Can Challenge

The Tin Can Challenge is a surprise food game. A bunch of tin cans is filled with different types of food and each tin has its own number. Participants draw a number from a hat and then have to eat whatever is in that particular tin. Foods in these tins may be gross foods or they may be very tasty, but YouTubers do not know which tins have what.


43) Baby Food Challenge

In the Baby Food Challenge, participants have to eat different types of baby food while blindfolded. Participants also have to guess what flavor they just ate. Players may gain points for swallowing the spoonful without spitting it out and for correctly guessing what the flavor is.


44) Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge

In the Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge, participants have to eat Korean hot and spicy noodles. These noodles are extremely spicy and people have a hard time eating them. Many people enjoy watching this challenge because the participant’s reactions are funny.


45) The Dress up Challenge

The Dress Up Challenge is a challenge for couples. For this challenge, both the girlfriend and boyfriend have to pick out an outfit for the other one to wear. This challenge is very funny to watch especially if the girlfriend puts her boyfriend in dresses and rompers.


46) Weird Oreo Taste Test Challenge

For this challenge, participants have to eat weird flavors of Oreos such as kettle corn, pistachio, and iced coffee. Some YouTubers may enjoy eating the weird flavors but others may not.


47) Kissing Challenge

The Chapstick Challenge is mainly for couples. One member of the couple has to put chapstick on, and the other has to guess what flavor the chapstick is by kissing them. Many couple YouTubers participate in this challenge.


48) Balloon Animal Challenge

In the Balloon Animal Challenge, players have to create an animal from the balloon as quickly as they can. Players have to race each other and use their skills to create the best balloon animal that they can. Many people do not know how to make balloon animals so these videos are very entertaining to watch.


49) Juggling Challenge

The goal of the Juggling Challenge is to juggle as many items as you can at once. Whether juggling balls or any other item, players have to juggle as many as they can at once in order to win the challenge.


50) Teabag Challenge

For the Teabag challenge, all you need is a tea bag and participants. In order to win, participants have to open a tea bag and eat the contents without spitting it out.


51) One Bite Challenge

In order to win the One Bite Challenge, participants have to eat as much food as they can in only one bite. Participants are only allowed to take one bite, and it has to be the biggest bite possible in order to be the winner.


52) Walk on Legos Challenge

For this challenge, participants have to walk on a line of legos without falling over. Legos are very painful to walk on so this challenge is extremely funny to watch. Walking on legos requires a lot of skills and fans will enjoy their favorite YouTuber’s reactions to this painful challenge.  


53) Stink Smell Challenge

For the Stink Smell Challenge, participants are blindfolded and then forced to smell a range of smelly scents. Most of these scents do not smell good so participants reactions to these gross scents are very amusing. The goal of this challenge is to identify what the stink is caused by.


54) YouTubers Impressions Challenge

In this challenge, participants have to impersonate other popular YouTubers and act just like them. Whether it be talking in a certain accent or saying different quotes. In order to win this challenge, participants must accurately impersonate another YouTuber.


55) Sourest Food Challenge

The Sourest Food Challenge is a challenge where players have to eat extremely sour foods and film their reaction. The person who spits out the sour food is the loser.  Different types of sour food include different types of candy and drinks.


56) No Bowl, No Spoon Slime Challenge

This challenge is all about making slime. Players have to use a mystery wheel that picks the ingredients for the slime. Then, they have to dump them on the table and mix them all up with their bare hands. The goal of this challenge is to see who is more successful at making slime without spoons or bowls.  


57) What’s in the Box Challenge- Underwater Edition

For the What’s in the box challenge, players have to stick their hands in a box and try to figure out what is in there. Players are blindfolded so they have to rely off of what they feel in order to guess correctly. In this particular challenge, all items are in a tank filled with water.


58) Not My Legs Challenge

This challenge is similar to the Not my Arms challenge. Instead of arms, players use their legs and try to complete tasks with them or making funny movements.


59) 24 Hour Handcuff Challenge

In the 24 Hour Handcuff Challenge, players are stuck together with handcuffs. They have to go 24 hours with them out and try to complete tasks or go out in public cuffed together.


60) Don’t Choose the Wrong Glove Slime Challenge

For this challenge, participants make slime with unknown ingredients in gloves. They have no clue what is in the gloves but they still have to make it into slime. The winner of this challenge is the person with the best slime.


61) Silly Salmon Challenge

The Silly Salmon Challenge involves participants jumping into things and pretending that they are a salmon. Different things that they jump in include water, bushes, counters and many more. Whenever the words “silly salmon” are said, the person has to find something to jump onto.


62) Hot Cheetos and Takis Challenge

In this challenge, players have to eat Hot Cheetos and Takis and see how they taste. These chips are very spicy so it is very entertaining to watch their reactions.


63) Fortnite Dance Challenge

In the Fortnite Dance Challenge, participants have to copy different dances from the game Fortnite and see who is best. In this video, players are wearing fortnite costumes as well.


64) Mystery Wheel of Smoothie Challenge

In this challenge, participants have to create smoothies out of ingredients from a wheel they spin. Ingredients on the wheel are very strange such as pickles, chips, hot sauce and many more. Once all of the weird ingredients are made into a smoothie, players have to try to drink it.


65) 1,000 Chicken Nuggets

In the 1,000 Chicken Nuggets challenge, participants eat 1,000 chicken nuggets. Eating this many chicken nuggets broke the McDonalds World Record. Also, participants in this challenge will consume over 200,000 calories from this many chicken nuggets.


66) Pringles Challenge

In the Pringles Challenge, players eat 19 different flavors of Pringles. After eating a Pringle, players have to guess what the flavor is. The winner is the person who guesses the most correct flavors of the Pringles.


67) Princess Cake Challenge

In this challenge, Youtubers decorate cakes and try to get them to look like a princess cake. This includes baking the cake, putting on the icing, and making it look delicious and pretty at the same time.  


68) The Gymnastics Challenge (family edition)

The Gymnastics Challenge (family edition) is similar to the regular Gymnastics challenge but this one is with a family. All members of the family have to try different gymnastic positions. The winner of this challenge is the person who can correctly do the gymnastics the most.


69) Epic Spicy Momos Eating Challenge

In this challenge, participants have to eat spicy momos. These momos are very hot and hard to consume. The winner of this is the one who can eat the momos without spitting them out.


70) No Thumbs Eating Challenge

This challenge consists of players trying to eat different types of food with their thumbs sealed down with plastic wrap. Eating foods with no thumbs is very challenging so it is very amusing to watch. 


71) Spin the Mystery Wheel Challenge

In this challenge, players have to spin a mystery wheel that has a bunch of different dares on it. Whatever dare the spin lands on, the player has to complete that dare or else they will lose.


72) The Shopping Challenge

In the Shopping Challenge, boyfriends have to go shopping and buy clothes for their girlfriends. This challenge is difficult because not all boyfriends may know what their girlfriend likes or their size. After the boyfriend’s shopping trip, they have to show their girlfriends and see if bought the correct items.


73) Cake Switch Up Challenge

For this challenge, participants are each given a different cake and have to eat it. These cakes are all different flavors and some are good and some are gross. Players do not know what cake they will get so it is a mystery until they taste the cake.


74) Entire McDonalds Breakfast Menu Challenge

In this challenge, participants eat the entire McDonalds Breakfast menu. This menu is very large and features various types of food on it so it is difficult to eat this much food. In order to win this challenge, players have to eat everything.


75) Hot Sauce Challenge

In the Hot Sauce Challenge, participants try 15 different hot sauces. These hot sauces vary in the degree of spiciness. Participants have to try all sauces and film their reactions.


76) Pancake Art Challenge

In this challenge, participants attempt to make different pictures with their pancakes. They use pancake mix with food coloring in it and see who can make the best pancake.


77) Starburst Smoothie Challenge

In the Starburst smoothie challenge, participants make a smoothie out of different flavors of starbursts. After they blend the smoothie, they have to drink it.


78) Jello Bath Challenge

The Jello Bath Challenge consists of an entire bathtub filled with jello and someone in it. Filling the bathtub with Jello uses a lot of jello packets but turns your entire bathtub into Jello. After the Jello is ready in the top, then participants swim in it.  


79) The Candy Kissing Challenge

In the Candy Kissing Challenge, participants have to eat a piece of candy and then the person kissing them has to guess what the candy is. Players may find it challenging to figure out what the candy is because they are blindfolded.


80) Slime Bath Challenge

The Slime Bath Challenge includes a lot of slimes and a bathtub. For this challenge, participants have to fill their entire bathtub with homemade slime. This is a very messy and sticky challenge.


81)  Hamburger Challenge

In this challenge, participants are blindfolded and have to eat different types of hamburgers and then guess where it is from. The burgers are from different fast food restaurants.


82) Ice Cream Challenge

In the Ice Cream Challenge, participants have to mix unusual things with ice cream. After they mix the things into their ice cream, they have to eat it. Some ingredients are gross and not items that normally go with ice cream. 


83) Backward Challenge

The Backwards challenge is when people have to complete actions backward rather than the normal way. Some examples include skipping, moonwalking, and making your bed.  This challenge is very amusing for fans to watch because doing tasks backward is difficult. 


84) Giant Balloon Challenge

For this challenge, participants blow up a giant balloon and then try to walk around in it. This is hard because they don’t want to pop it or fall over. Also, participants may try to complete certain tasks or actions while wearing these giant balloons.


85) Gross Cupcake Challenge

In this challenge, participants have to eat cupcakes not knowing if they are going to taste good or bad. They do not get to choose what kind they want and it is all a surprise. If the person stops eating it then their “gag count” increases and the person who has the most loses the challenge.


86) Sidemen Drunk Helium Challenge

In this challenge, the Sidemen inhale helium from balloons to make their voices sound different. They are also drunk during this video so they are enjoying this challenge. Other people can do this same challenge with helium, without the alcohol of course.


87) Sidemen Silent Challenge

This is another challenge that the Sidemen did together. In the silent challenge, they have to complete certain tasks while trying to be as quiet as possible. The person who completes the task the quietest is the one who wins.


88)ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge is a very popular challenge that was completed by millions of people. For the ALS Bucket Challenge, participants have to be recorded pouring a bucket of ice cold water on themselves. People nominated their friends and family to complete this challenge and if they chose not to, then they were supposed to donate money to ALS.


89)Guess the Chips Challenge

For the Guess the Chips Challenge, participants have to eat different types of chips while blindfolded and try to guess what type of chip it is. They are given a bunch of different kinds of chips and have no clue which kind they are going to get.


90) 48 Hour Overnight Challenge in Walmart

For this challenge, participants have to hide in Walmart for 48 hours. They have to find a place that people cannot find them and then have to stay there for two days without getting caught.


91) The 100,000 Calorie Challenge

For this challenge, participants have to consume over 100,000 calories in one day. This all has to be done without getting sick or giving up. Many consume fast foods, sweets, and many more to reach 100,000.


92) Fondue Challenge

In the Fondue Challenge, participants are given mystery food items and have to dip them into chocolate and then eat it. They have no clue what the food may be and if it is gross or yummy until they taste it.


93) KiKi Challenge

The KiKi challenge goes with Drake’s song called In My Feelings. For this challenge, people have to get out of their car and dance while this song is playing. Thousands of people filmed themselves dancing to this including various YouTubers.


94) 1,620 Pocky Challenge (15,3000 Cals)

In the 1,620 Pocky Challenge, participants have to eat gigantic amounts of Pocky, which is a food. For this challenge, he ate 1620 Pocky sticks which is over 15,300 calories.


95) One Bite Challenge

For the One Bite Challenge, participants have to fit food into their mouth without chewing until it is all in their mouth. They are given weird food items such as lemons, chocolate cake, and a pickle.


96) You Won’t Do it Challenge

For the You Won’t Do It Challenge, players are given dares and do them when someone says “you won’t do it.” These dares can take place anywhere and are very amusing because other people are confused why these YouTubers are doing weird things.


97) The Escape Challenge

For this challenge, players have to try to escape from difficult things that are hard to get out of. The person who cannot escape is the loser of the game. Whoever loses has to be wrapped up in every single object all at once and try to escape.


98) Gamma Challenge

In the gamma challenge, gamer YouTubers will take a scoop of Gfuel powder and try to swallow it. Gfuel is an energy drink used by many gamers. This is often used when someone loses a video game match as a punishment.


99) Trying Weird Foreign Candy Challenge

For this challenge, participants have to eat different types of foreign candy and film their reactions. Some of these candies are in a totally different language so they have no clue what exactly they are about to consume.


100) Mixing every Sour Candy Challenge

In the Mixing every Sour Candy Challenge, participants eat various kinds of sour candy and mix them all together. All the food that they consume is extremely sour so they film their reactions while eating it.


101) $20 Meal Challenge

For the $20 Meal Challenge, participants have $20 to spend at a grocery store on food items. Then once they get home, they have to make a meal out of those ingredients. The winner is whoever cooks the best meal with their ingredients bought with only $20.


Here are 10 Bonus Challenges:


ASMR, is not inherently a challenge on its own. The YouTube phenomena is categorized by tingles, satisfying sounds, and whispers. It has resulted in the production of countless channels and videos. However, the sensations featured in these types of videos can be used as a challenge. A group of friends can get together and watch ASMR; recording their reactions and watching each other wig out or become “triggered” at the sights or sounds.


In this type of video, a pair of individuals essentially just trade clothes. This can get pretty entertaining when your outfit choices might be drastically different than that of your peer. It is kind of like living a day in another man’s shoes. However, you probably don’t want to actually trade shoes. That would be gross.

104) Blind drawing challenge

Time to put your art skills to the test! Or rather, the lack thereof. Write down some ideas of things to draw and take turn blindfolding your partner and seeing how well you can accurately depict the items. If you are successful, then congrats. Maybe you have a future in blind art? If your drawing results in complete catastrophe than at least everyone can have a good laugh about it.

104) Face Swap Challenge

The face swap Instagram filter produced a massive number of viral videos. There really isn’t much of a challenge to it, but it’s extremely hilarious. Partner up, and try on each other’s faces? Maybe you might decide to invest in some plastic surgery modification’s…but probably not.

105) Innuendo Bingo

I absolutely love this type of video! Similar to other challenge videos, the objective is to try and make the other person laugh. Traditionally, you sit across from each other and fill your mouths as much as possible with water. Then it gets worse. From here, you listen to clips of completely innocent situations that somehow sound super WRONG. These innuendos can be misinterpreted to the point of explosive laughter and you end up getting your innuendo partner very wet. It is messy and inappropriate in all the right ways.

106) The Whisper Challenge

This challenge video has been done by both YouTube stars and celebrities. It is accomplished by wearing large noise canceling headphones and trying to read another person’s lips while they speak a random sentence. Sounds easy enough right? Well the results are usually terrible screams of horrible interpretations. If you fail, don’t be discouraged because nearly every person that attempts this challenge does very badly.

108) Blind Taste Test Challenge

There is a quite a few different variations of this challenge which is what makes it so easy to do. Every YouTuber can pull of this challenge with their own unique twist. The principle is usually just blindfolding another person and making them try different food items. Then the participant guesses what they are eating or drinking. Fun Fact: what we taste is 80% smell; so, you can always enlist your nose to help you solve the mystery. How well do you think you would do?

109) Try not to Laugh Challenge

There are countless variations of this type of video; including other items on our list such as the face swap challenge or innuendo bingo. This really is the type of content that is only limited by the creator’s imagination. You can do it with photo booth filters or viral videos, but the main objective remains constant. Do your best to not crack a smile or laugh while completing the task. If you do this video with a partner, you can keep score for bragging rights, but you might just choose to have someone else in the video because laughing together is better than laughing alone.


This challenge is a classic. What can be better than getting together with someone that you trust and forcing each other to eat super spicy food. Will you be able to survive the heat? For most people attempting this type of video, survival is key to a successful completion of the challenge. Make sure to bring a lot of water or milk to tame your taste buds after impact. For the less adventurous, you might just want to watch other people humiliate themselves on YouTube. It is a challenge worth watching.


This challenge is actually a game invented by YouTube vlogger AmazingPhil. It is one of the easiest challenge videos to do because you do not have to have any original ideas for the video. All you have to do is download the free 7 Second Challenge app and follow the instructions on the screen. This is a competitive game and cannot be done alone. Besides, you cannot successfully complete the challenge unless you win right? This one is guaranteed to thoroughly entertain with random challenges for you to complete in a 7 second timer. When the time is up, your accomplices have to vote on whether you nailed it or failed it.



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