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Cool Collabs: Gfuel and FaZe Clan

Gfuel x FaZe Clan

Gfuel is a very popular drink made by the company ‘Gamma Labs,’ that many top gamers use to stay focused and energized during streams, gaming tournaments, workouts and more. Also, GFuel is a healthier alternative to sugar-filled energy drinks. The drinks are all filled with antioxidants and have only 25 calories. Additionally, are over 20 flavors to choose from, and Gamma Labs are constantly bringing out new flavors. The company also sells merchandise such as hats, shirts, shaker cups, and more to attract customers.

Collaboration with FaZe Clan

Asides from being the leading energy drink for gamers, Gfuel also has tons of partnerships that have helped them grow over the years. Gfuel also gives creators on Youtube and Twitch the chance to be sponsored by them. They do this by giving YouTubers a promo code that they get revenue from every time it is used. Many Youtubers with millions of subscribers drink Gfuel and mention their promo code in their videos. FaZe is the most commonly known group of content creators who drink Gfuel, and many of the members even have flavors that are named after them. When a new flavor comes out, it becomes very popular. Especially when the new flavor is named after the FaZe clan member.

Gfuel makes sure to accommodate anyone who wants to try their product. They make sure to keep it safe for kids as well. They do this by keeping the sugar contents low, as well as even releasing caffeine-free flavors. This way, kids who are unable to drink caffeine or lots of sugar are able to drink Gfuel like their favorite Streamers and Youtubers. Some flavors dedicated to the FaZe clan are Tropical Rain, FaZeberry, Golden Apple Pear, Strawberry Shortcake and Cherry Limeade. On Gfuel’s website, they offer promo codes made especially for these flavors. FaZe’s collaboration with Gfuel has greatly benefited their careers along with benefiting Gfuel. Also, Gfuel works with FaZe Clan frequently to host giveaways on merchandise, gaming equipment, tubs of Gfuel, and many more. We are looking forward to many more YouTube collabs to come.



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