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Learn To Play Music With These YouTube Channels

Learn To Play Music With These YouTube Channels

Private music lessons can range from $60-120 per hour based on But you can learn instruments for free straight from your home. Check out some of these great YouTube channels beginners can learn music from.



Mangold Project


This channel is in no way glamorous. It’s not hosted by a screaming 20 some year old with memes and crazy edits. It’s an older man with a very simple set up. But don’t let that or his humble 211k subscriber count deter you. Mangold Project has some very good and comprehensive piano lessons. I, knowing nothing of piano watched his Piano Quickie: 1 Naming the Notes on the Piano. I felt like I suddenly understood everything and I would like to continue watching the lessons.


Honorable mentions:






Guitareo is a channel that teaches you everything you need to know about playing the guitar. Some channels I’ve seen have a quick beginner tutorial and then only make advanced videos. This channel explains everything so you don’t have to ask. Any question you have regarding playing the guitar is answered. Even things like setting up your amp or hand stretches to avoid injury. With 474k subscribers, this is one of the best guitar channels for beginners on the platform.


Honorable mentions:

Marty Music

Andy Guitar


Drum Set

Travis Barker

This channel at first glace isn’t entirely appealing. It’s very basic and the editing is very sub-par with 108k subs. But this is actually one of the best channels to learn the drums. I play the drums a bit myself and my roommate plays in a band. Watching this channel’s videos brought me back to my first time learning. The channel’s host covers every nuance you should know and speaks slow enough for you to take in the information. The channel also has lots of guitar videos and a few piano videos. But there is plenty of drum tutorials for you to perfect your ability.


Honorable mentions:





The Online Piano and Violin Tutor

This channel has one of the most in-depth violin lessons on YouTube. Each part is in bite-size videos that goes straight to the point. She also performs on another channel called Alison Sparrow. She has a digital lesson book online for $10 that she advertises. However not purchasing the book will not inhibit your lessons, but ad to it.


Honorable mentions:


Usp Music Studios



David Erick Ramos – Ocarina

The ocarina is one of my favorite instruments. It’s fairly easy to learn and super fun. David Erick Ramos has some great ocarina lessons and tips. He also has many videos having fun with the instrument out in public or playing your favorite tunes. While the ocarina is easy to learn, it’s a different ballgame to master. David covers everything you should know about playing the ocarina.


Honorable mentions:

Songbird Ocarina

STL Ocarina



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