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Using YouTube as a platform to give back to society

Along with making YouTube videos, these YouTubers mentioned in this article also donate their time to help people in need. Their actions are very generous considering how busy they are with their YouTube careers. By giving back, YouTubers help other people in need such as granting children with serious illnesses their wishes, helping to prepare meals for the hungry, and raising money for charities by running a twenty-six-mile marathon.

Make-A-Wish Foundation DanTDM

Meeting the YouTuber DanTDM was a wish for a young girl named Tiegan who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She was sent to specialists when she was only one year old because she was not achieving the common milestones such as crawling and sitting up by herself and was then diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Tiegan who was 7 at the time, decided her wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and that was to meet one of her favorite YouTubers and told her mom “I want to meet Dan The Diamond Minecart.” So Make-A-Wish began to work hard to help Tiegan get her wish. YouTuber DanTDM agreed to help Make-A-Wish make Tiegan and 7 other Make-A-Wish children achieve their wish. Next, they set up a room where these children met DanTDM and play games with him which made them all extremely happy.

L.A. Kitchen Tyler Oakley

Famous YouTuber Tyler Oakley volunteered at L.A. Kitchen to help them distribute food to people in need. Additionally, other YouTubers joined Tyler Oakley such as Joey Graceffa, Ingrid Nilsen, Kingsley and many more. These YouTubers all worked together to help L.A.Kitchen by cutting up food and packaging the food. Also, L.A. Kitchen is an organization that receives donated food from grocery stores and then redistributes the food to other organizations such as homeless shelters, senior centers, and meal exchange programs.

Running the London Marathon – Jim Chapman and Niomi Smart

YouTubers Jim Chapman and Niomi Smart completed the London Marathon with the goal of raising money for charity. These famous YouTubers ran a grand total of 26.2 miles around London to help the charities British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research. They spent countless hours training for this marathon in order to reach their goal of raising as much money as they can for these charities.

Rays Of Sunshine Zoella and Alphie

The YouTube couple known as “Zalphie” are YouTubers which the channel names Zoella and PointlessBlog. Zalfie worked with the charity called Rays Of Sunshine which grants wishes to children who are suffering from serious illnesses. Some of these children said that their wish was to meet their favorite internet stars Zoella and Alphie. Of course, “Zalphie” agreed to grant their fan’s wishes. They set up a meet up where these children could decorate cupcakes with them. Also, these children and “Zalphie” and took a bunch of selfies together. These two YouTubers dedicate their time giving back to people in need. This includes fans of theirs who are suffering from serious illnesses.

Make-A-Wish – Jake Paul

Mackenzie Asher was a young girl who had acute myeloid leukemia which was an aggressive form of the disease which eventually took her life after an 18-month battle with the disease. She was only in fifth-grade when she passed. Days before Mackenzie passed away, she went on her Make-A-Wish trip to meet famous YouTuber, Logan Paul. Meeting Logan Paul was Mackenzie’s wish and was able to have her wish granted. She was even featured in one of his YouTube Videos. After Mackenzie passed away, away, Logan created a YouTube video honored to her and donated all money made from Adsense to her family to help with the cost of funeral arrangments.

Make-A-Wish – Logan Paul

Famous YouTuber Logan Paul recently made a video where he talks about one of his fans called a “Logangster” who passed away. A few months before this video in December 2017, Logan participated in helping children battling serious illnesses have their wishes granted. There were a total of 6 children who chose to meet Logan for their wish. One of the children he met, named Nick who was from the Netherlands just recently passed away. Logan is very saddened by his fan’s death and dedicated his most recent video all to Nick. He thanks Nick for being a Maverick and for fighting a long and difficult battle.



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