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Top 5 YouTuber Collaborations in 2017

YouTube is the definition of television on-the-go. While YouTube is flooding with videos from individuals and media groups, everything available on YouTube speaks volumes about the kind of talent and creativity this generation is oozing with.

While TV has brought into limelight numerous famous artists, YouTube has enhanced the radius of the spotlight and highlighted a new type of artists that we now call YouTubers and Vloggers. A YouTube collaboration is a concept whereby famous Youtubers come together and produce a piece of art such as a music video or a dance video or any other video for entertainment or educational purpose and is one of the most highly anticipated and acclaimed media events that are broadcast in today’s times.

Following is a list of the top 5 YouTuber collaborations of 2017, which entertained millions of followers.

#5 – The “protein ball” collaboration

This was the healthiest and ‘yummiest’ collaboration given the fact that the famous YouTubers John Chapman and Leon Bustin collaborated with Tom Daley to make some of the most delicious looking and nutritious protein balls. While this collaboration excited the fans of Chapman, Bustin, and Daley, the most exuberant aspect of this video was the way in which the three boys made cooking seem fun and entertaining.

#4 – h3h3 productions and PewDiePie collaboration

If you are on YouTube and in general on the internet, you must already know PewDiePie who happens to be the world’s most famous YouTuber. His collaboration with the American based YouTuber, Ethan Klein of h3h3 productions was a mega-hit that gave stomach knots to the viewers as the two YouTubers sat on different continents and entertained their fans together.

#3 – Wonder-woman and Epic Rap battles

The unique collaboration that happened between the Canadian based YouTuber Lily Singh (a.k.a wonder woman) and an unbelievably accurate impersonator of Stevie Wonder caused ripples on YouTube when the two Youtubers released their collaboration video.

#2 – Jaclyn Hill and Becca Cosmetics

The best collaboration that thrilled most of the females on YouTube was this one. While Jaclyn Hill is a common name amongst beauty stylist, Becca cosmetics is an even more common and prestigious cosmetics brand. Their collaboration provided great insight into make-up skills that was highly applauded worldwide.

#1 – Escape the night

Probably the most anticipated collaboration was the one between Joey Graceffa, Shane Dawson, Glozel Green and a few other YouTubers who collaborated to present the YouTube series named “Escape the Night”. This thriller has a massive YouTube following and is largely followed by youngsters.



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