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Vlogging vs Streaming: The Ultimate Breakdown


YouTube “Streaming” is when a YouTuber or Vlogger records their video live so viewers instantly see what is being recorded rather watching the uploaded video. In the past, videos had to be pre-recorded and then uploaded to their channel but now, videos can now be streamed in real time which creates a personal connection between viewers and the YouTuber.


YouTube vlogging is when somebody records a video blog (vlog) and then publishes them to YouTube. Vlogs mainly feature a person’s daily life. But may also focus on a specific topic or hobby. Vlogging is different than Streaming because it is not filmed in real-time or live meaning that it is pre-recorded, edited and then uploaded to their YouTube channel.

Popular Vloggers

There are so many popular Vloggers who have thousands, and even millions of subscribers. Some may have channels dedicated to gaming, beauty, vlogging, comedy, informative, and many more.

1) PewdiePie
He is the most successful YouTuber in the world and has over 59 million subscribers to his channel. His channel mainly features gaming video content. Also, many describe his channel as energetic and funny. This attracts the attention of viewers resulting in a massive fan base.

2) Smosh
Comedic duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla previously ran the YouTube channel called “Smosh.” Sadly, Anthony left “Smosh” in June of 2017 but the channel is still one of the most popular comedy channels on YouTube and has over 22 million subscribers.

Popular Streamers

1) Vanoss Gaming
Evan Fong is a YouTube streamer whose very popular channel is “Vannos Gaming.” In his live streams, he streams himself playing the video games: Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Black Ops, and Dead Rising. His channel is one of the most popular gaming YouTubers that does streaming and has over 22 million subscribers.

2) TheDiamondMinecart/DanTDM

Dan Middleton whose channel is “TheDiamondMinecart.” His channel is popular for his gaming live streams of him playing Minecraft. He is a very popular streamer and has over 17 million subscribers to his channel.

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