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What Type Of YouTuber Are You?

Being a YouTuber requires humongous amounts of effort and immense patience. While it seems very easy to turn on the camera, do some acts and post online, the reality is far from it. Running a YouTube channel requires a detailed and thoughtful process that starts from identifying the type of YouTuber you want to become to the development of ideas, finding your target audience and style of videography.

Here is a list of the type of YouTubers that are most prevalent on YouTube today. Let us know in the comments which type of YouTuber you are or would like to become.

1 – The Informative

If you post videos of knowledgeable subjects, such as educational lessons for students, then you are an informative YouTuber. Your focus is to inform people, spread knowledge or help your viewers get better at a certain skill. Offering video tutorials that explain concepts and theories is one way to enhance your followership and popularity among your target audience.

2 – Gaming YouTubers

Gaming YouTubers are an extremely popular type of YouTuber these days. Their valuable reviews on the latest games help viewers decide which games to play and which games to avoid. These types of videos also give the video game developers valuable feedback and insights, which helps them make the video games even better.

3 – Anime YouTuber

Anime is the name used for Japanese animations. Anime has turned into a popular trend, and a few YouTubers were able to build there tremendous following solely on Anime.

4 – Vloggers:

Vloggers are the type of YouTubers who focus their videos on various aspects of their lifestyle. There are beauty Vlogs, cooking Vlogs, traveling Vlogs and a ton more. Basically, any Videos that show a part of a lifestyle in a fun and entertaining way are called Vlogs. However, these days there are many Vloggers out there, which makes vlogging very competitive.

5 – Comedians

If you’re funny and entertaining and have the ability to make people geek out around you, then this is the type of YouTuber you are. Looking for inspiration? Roman Atwood’s channel is the place to go if you want to get a good laugh.

Becoming a YouTuber is a fun idea but becoming a successful YouTuber requires a serious approach, extensive planning, and an open mind.



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