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The 5 Cutest Couples on YouTube

There are many different couples on YouTube who are very popular. Usually, they create videos together covering topics like advice, challenges, pranks on each other, daily blogs and reactions. Most are very popular, although some break up and go their separate ways, many of them have been together for a long time which subscribers love. Overall, couples on YouTube are entertaining and subscribers enjoy watching their videos.

1) KKandbabyJ

The popular YouTube couple Keren and Khoa who run the channel “KKandBabyJ” have over 675,000 subscribers to their channel. This couple makes YouTube videos about their family, funny stories, vlogs, and news. They have two children together named Jackson and Landon who are in most of this couple’s videos.


2) De’arra & Ken 4 Life

This YouTube channel is based on De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker’ relationship. Their channel has over 4.2 million subscribers and they upload a new video each week. De’arra met Ken at a Chipotle back in 2014 and they began dating shortly after. Soon, they created a YouTube channel with each other. Their close and genuine relationship with each other is shown in their videos which we love.

3) The Ace Family

This well known YouTube channel is called The Ace Family is made up by Catherine, Austin, and their daughter named Elie. Their channel consists of funny videos, crazy experiences, various challenges, and pranks on each other. They have over 4 million subscribers and are well known on YouTube because of how great their videos are and how close their family is.

4) Dei and Joe

Dei and Joe run a YouTube channel with each other and have almost 800,000 subscribers. Videos on their channel are funny and entertaining which explains why they have such a large fan base on YouTube. They create videos based on different pranks on each other, reactions, and challenges.

5) Jamie and Nikki

Jamie and Nikki are a couple from Australia who make daily blogs with each other, their daughter Ava and their dog Louis. Their channel was originally started with just their proposal videos but subscribers began asking them to make more so they listened and now have almost 500 videos on their channel. They are expecting another child which we are excited about.



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