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🗃 3 YouTubers Who Have Their Own Businesses

Jake Paul Team 10

This social media team was founded by Jake Paul and is called “Team 10.” This team is a part of Jake’s talent label called TeamDom which receives funding to help young influencers succeed with Team 10. This team is made up of many different members including Tessa Brooks, Chance Sutton, Jake Paul, Emilio Martinez, Ivan Martinez, Anthony Trujillo, Alex Lange, Nick Crompton, Chad Tepper, Justin Roberts, Kade Speiser and Thomas Petrou. The purpose of this company is to help turn influencers into famous stars. These influencers and members create collaboration videos with each other to increase their popularity. Team 10 also shows members how to create and produce content that will help them to succeed and become famous. They teach young influencers how to make money from their careers which helps to increase their successfulness. Overall, Team 10 has helped to make many young influencers/YouTubers very popular and continues to grow each day.

Connor Franta Common Culture

This company was founded by Connor Franta who is a well known YouTuber, Influencer, and author. Franta first became popular on YouTube due to his lifestyle vlogs, inspirational videos, and other comedy skits. Connor is also an LGBT icon and figure and uses his humor as a way to help his fans who may be going through hard times. He founded the company called Common Culture which is a brand that offers high-end clothing, coffee, and undiscovered musical talent. All products produced by Common Culture are first approved by Connor Franta. Also, he created a subscription service for his coffee that delivers coffee to his customers and fans every two months. This company is a way for Connor to produce and represent his creativity and interest in the quality of our culture.

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Training Company

This popular Australian fitness YouTuber is also an entrepreneur. Kayla first became popular on Instagram when began to share her own fitness journey to inspire other women to join her journey. She has been a personal trainer since 2008 and has inspired millions of women to become healthy. Kayla founded her own company called the Bikini Body Training Company which also has its own app called Sweat With Kayla. On this app, users post their transformation photos showing their weight loss from using her fitness plan. A large amount of her success comes from social media, including YouTube and Instagram which help her to reach and inspire women to become healthy.



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