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5 Charities that YouTubers Should Raise Money For

There are many different charities that YouTubers can raise money for and donate to help these organizations reach their goal. In this article, you will read about some charities that YouTubers could donate to. These YouTubers include Logan Paul, Connor Franta, NikkieTutorials, FaZe Clan, and Jaclyn Hill.

Logan Paul World Parrot Trust

The organization called World Parrot Trust is a charity that saves wild parrots from extinction and also provides care for these parrots. Habitat loss is the cause of parrots being on the endangered species list so World Parrot Trust provides protection the parrots who are at risk of going extinct. Logan Paul would be a great YouTube figure to donate to this charity since he has a parrot himself. His fans would also donate and raise awareness for this charity and for protecting parrots from going extinct.

Connor Franta Human Rights Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign is an organization that strives towards equality for LGBT individuals and educates the public about the issues and hate that LGBT individuals receive on a daily basis. They are America’s largest civil rights organization and are very well known. Connor Franta who came out as gay on his YouTube channel also strives toward equality for LGBT people. Connor cares greatly about helping people like himself so by donating it would help the Human Rights Campaign succeed with their goal of equality no matter what gender/race/sexuality you are.

NikkieTutorials – Empowering Through Beauty Foundation

This organization called Empowering Through Beauty Foundation uses beauty and cosmetology services to help empower women and girls who do have the proper education, support, and resources to help them succeed. Also, they create events for the women such as providing different beauty services and host a Beauty Queen Conference which helps to give these girls and women the confidence that they need. This charity would benefit greatly from NikkieTutorials since she is very popular on YouTube for her beauty videos. She has almost 9 million subscribers who would most likely donate money to this wonderful charity to spread the happiness that beauty and cosmetology provides.

FaZe Clan Able Gamers

This gaming charity called AbleGamers provides custom gaming setups to people with disabilities. Some of these custom setups include modified controllers, assistive technology, and games that allow them to play with just their eyes. They are using the power of gaming and custom setups to bring people together who may not have been able to play in the past due to their disabilities. Donations would provide this organization with more opportunities to provide modified setups to help gamers with disabilities be able to play their favorite games like everyone else. By the entire FaZe Clan donating money to this organization, it would bring a lot of spotlight and awareness to Able Gamers and help them to receive even more donations than before so they can continue providing gaming setups to gamers with disabilities.

Jaclyn Hill Project Beauty Share

Project Beauty Share is a charity that collects cosmetics, personal hygiene products, and other beauty products to distribute to other nonprofit groups. The groups that they donate to serve to help women and families overcoming abuse, addiction, homelessness, and poverty. These products help rebuild women who have gone through many struggles and help them get back up on their feet. Jaclyn Hill is a famous beauty YouTuber and makeup artist. She could donate some of her beauty products and also money to help this charity be able to help so many women in need. Also, her fans would want to donate as well since most love beauty and makeup so they would want to help these women as well.



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