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The Attempted Collab of Logan Paul with PewDiePie

Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg, the largest creator on YouTube has been fighting to remain the most subscribed channel. The Indian media company, T-Series, has been gaining subscribers at an unprecedented rate and set to surpass Pewdiepie. Many creators have come together to help Pewdiepie stay the most subscribed channel on YouTube. The frustration creators have against big corporations and the love of memes and jokes has convinced a long list to the campaign.

The YouTube community sticks together

Mr. Beast started it out by buying every billboard and advertisement he could in his city to advertise for Pewdiepie. This sparked the fire of creators doing their part. HackerGiraffe hacked 50k susceptible printers, telling people to subscribe and fix their security settings. Markiplier streamed for 50 minutes in a video titled “I Literally Won’t Shut Up Until You Subscribe To PewDiePie”. Just type “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” in YouTube’s search and you’ll find pages upon pages of channels of all sizes, joining the fight. Justin Roberts even booked a billboard in Times Square, NYC encouraging people to subscribe to PewDiePie. The fight against corporations and for creators.

But now, Youtuber Logan Paul has joined the fight…

In a video where Pewdiepie is reacting to memes, he sees a tweet my Mr.Beast suggesting asking Jake and Logan Paul for help. Felix jokes back and calls out Logan Paul to help, joking about being desperate. Logan Paul has become a creator, others are hesitant to collab with especially after the things he did in Japan. He showed great disrespect throughout his trip to Japan as evidenced in his vlog, especially when visiting the Suicide Forest there and filming a dead body among laughter. After the situation, Logan Paul was encouraged to make a documentary talking to suicide survivors, and he does. It didn’t redeem him in the eyes of the public but a boxing match with KSI distracted people from it. Keep in mind that no one forgot, and for a YouTuber, if you collaborate with another creator there is a likelihood of being associated with said creator. Therefore, many will avoid collaborating with Logan Paul. The idea of actually collaborating with Logan has become such a far-off idea, some will joke about it. Logan Paul himself didn’t seem to get the memo.

In this video released by Logan Paul answers the call and announces, “I have put a trackable link in the description of this video that when clicked will automatically subscribe you to Pewdiepie’s channel.”. He goes on to mention that he will be donating $1 for every 10 subscribers he brings to Pewdiepie through the link. The money will be donated to The Kevin and Margaret Hines Foundation. Logan Paul goes on to say that in exchange, Pewdiepie has to wear his merchandise. He ends the video with the hashtag #PewDiePaul.

Pewdipie talks about Logan Paul’s video and their exchange in this video. Felix states that when Logan asked him for his address he “didn’t know what the hell he wanted.” and gave him the address of a Swedish crafting shop. It looks like Oh So Swedish will be receiving a piece of merchandise. Pewdiepie goes on to say that he will still “Keep the promise that I never made, I guess.” This begs the question, Will Pewdipie be purchasing Logan Paul’s merchandise now? Also, will a “collab” help Logan Paul gain some respect and following from young viewers coming from Pewdiepie’s channel? How will some of the mainstream media react? Will they be upset again? Or perhaps they figure that both creators are “evil” so collaborating doesn’t matter anyway?

In general, Pewdiepie collaborating with Logan Paul could be good for Logan but not for Pewdiepie. Putting aside how the channels will look to the public, it is important to shine light onto the charities that are being reached among this subscriber event. Pewdiepie decided to raise money to help Indian children through the charity Cry, to shift the tide of hatred towards Indians among the meme. Despite what you think of both creators, the charities should be supported and I would like to give you all some information about them and links where you can donate as well.


As stated on the GoFundMe set up by Pewdiepie, Cry focuses on
Identifying the root causes which force families and communities to allow children to be engaged in labor.

Addressing these underlying issues by interacting with parents, community leaders, and the children’s collective.

Empowering communities to demand employment schemes, food security and access to all government provisions.

This charity is important because there are 22.87 million working children in India between 15-18 years. Cry doesn’t just save every child individually but goes to the root causes to find widespread solutions. In a stream to raise money for the charity, Felix brings up a story of a boy that CRY emailed him about. The story starts here. It’s an inspiring story of a young boy they helped get out of work and back into school where he invents something that wins a national prize. CRY understands that children are the future and helping them changes the whole world.

CRY official website
GoFundMe started by Pewdiepie

The GoFundMe is no longer accepting donations, but you can donate here, through their official website.

Kevin and Margaret Hines Foundation

The Kevin and Margaret Hines Foundation aims to, as stated in the description of Logan Paul’s video, to achieve…
•Development and design of campaigns that generate public awareness about the causes and prevention of suicide

•Educational curriculum commissioned for youth to learn about brain/mental health and suicide prevention

•Research on evidence-based storytelling program(s) that save(s) lives and help heal loss and attempt survivors

•Professional and educational training programs suicide prevention, resilience, brain health and wellness for military and community organizations

Suicide has affected us all in some way. I don’t think I need to stress the importance of fighting it. It is one of the highest causes of death and one of the most destructive.

The Kevin and Margaret Hines Foundation official website

Where you can donate.



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