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FaZe Clan and its Members

5 Members Of FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan is an American esports organization created in 2010. It consists of many gaming teams who compete in games such as Call of duty, CSGO, Fifa, PUBG, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Seige, and Fortnite. The Clan started off as a group of Call of Duty players who would upload their clips of gameplay to Youtube. After FaZe took time to launch their first gaming team, they decided to focus on growing their brand. To do so, the members who weren’t taking part in the gaming team decided to focus on growing their youtube channels in order to gain fans. After they starting partnering with companies and receiving sponsorships, the main content creators moved into a house together in New York to make videos and stream. Today, the main FaZe Clan Youtube channel has over 4.5 million subscribers and they are growing rapidly each day.

FaZe Rain

Popular director of FaZe Clan, FaZe Rain, also known as Nordan Shat has over 5 million subscribers on YouTube and is one of the most popular content creators in the clan. He started off his youtube career when he was in middle school with Call of Duty videos. From there, he started creating content more consistently and became one of the most popular members of FaZe. Nordan lives in the FaZe house and owns multiple luxurious cars. Rain brings lots of creative ideas to the organization and has helped with the development of merchandise and other branches of FaZe.

FaZe Temperrr

Tommy Olivera or FaZe Temperrr is the founder of the FaZe Clan and has been growing the team since he first made their YouTube channel in 2010. Since then, Temperrr has spent a lot of time growing the team and closing deals including their partnership with Gfuel, Scuff, esports, and many more. Although Tommy hasn’t spent much time making videos on his youtube channel, or stream, he has been keeping busy visiting family in Brasil, and coaching his gaming teams.

FaZe Blaze

Lucas or FaZe Blaze, is another extremely popular member of the clan who lives in the FaZe house with his other members. Lucas started his channel with gaming videos and became a fan favorite once he moved into the FaZe house. Originally called blaziken, after his favorite pokemon, he decided to go by FaZe Blaze to add more of a ‘grown-up’ tone to his name. Since shortening his name to Blaze, he has slowed down the number of videos he creates and has been working hard creating rap music. His first song ‘Woah Kemosabe’ has been doing well and creating other opportunities for him.

FaZe Apex

Another one of the FaZe directors, Apex, is very large on youtube and like Rain, Temperrr, and Blaze, he also lives in the FaZe house and is responsible for making big decisions for the organization. He started off of creating Call of Duty videos but expanded his content to vlogs, challenges, reacting videos, and more Currently, Apex has just come back from a four-month break on YouTube and is ready to create more videos for his 4 million subscribers. He plans on moving into another house with some FaZe members and friends soon.

FaZe Teeqo

Jakob or FaZe Teeqo, is a unique member of the clan and has been apart of it since 2012. Jakob spent much of his time playing videos games and when it became more of a talent than a hobby, he decided to start putting clips out on the internet, in particular, youtube. It didn’t take FaZe long to see this and decide that they want him on their team. Once recruited for the team, Teeqo made the move from Sweden to New York and has been actively growing his youtube channel since. As well as Apex, Teeqo has also decided to take a break from youtube to focus on FaZe Clan branding and his personal life but plans to return to creating content soon.




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