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The Sidemen Members – Everything you need to know about them

The Sidemen are a group of popular gaming YouTubers from the UK who came together in October of 2013. Originally created by Simon and JJ coming together to film videos together, there are now 7 members in the group; KSI, Harry, Ethan, Vik, Simon, Josh, and Tobi. The group started off making GTA V videos together resulting in a big wave of fame on YouTube. The group still sticks to their roots, gaming content, but has also branched out to vlogs, challenges, rap videos, reaction videos, and more.


JJ, or KSI, is one of the more popular members of the sidemen group with over 17 million subscribers. JJ started his channel off alone creating videos on games like Minecraft and FIFA. He was also one of the first members to join the sidemen group and lived in a house with other members for a while before leaving the group in early 2017. JJ created many diss tracks against the other members, in particular, Ethan, and has since made amends with him and all of the members. Although KSI hasn’t moved back into the house with the rest of the sidemen, he does create group videos with them regularly. KSI’s channel gained him lots of attention after coming back from a social media break to box YouTuber Joe Weller this past February, and he also plans on fighting Logan Paul this fall.


Another member of the YouTuber group the sidemen, Vikstar123, has multiple channels adding up to be a total of around 10 million subscribers. He started off creating Minecraft videos for an extremely large audience and is still known as one of the largest Minecraft YouTubers. Vik joined the sidemen early on and was a large contribution to the team as his channel was growing rapidly at the time. He currently runs all three of his channels with regular uploads and daily streams. His main content at the moment is around the game Fortnite. Vik mostly enjoys streaming the game but also uploads videos regularly.


Youtuber with just under 3 million subscribers, Behzinga is another active member of the sidemen. His videos include vlogs, gaming videos, comedy skits, and more. Since 2012, he has been creating videos regularly and growing at a consistent rate. He lives in the sidemen house with roommates Vik, Miniminter, and Zerkaa. Recently, Behzinga has been bringing attention to himself by calling out a Team 10 member, Nick Crompton to box him after a joke was brought about by another YouTube. It is unknown if the two will compete in a boxing match at the moment, but there should be more information surfacing soon.


Zerkaa, or Josh has been apart of the sidemen group since 2014 and has grown his YouTube channel to a whopping 3 million subscribers. His content started solely on FIFA gaming videos but he since changed a lot. Most of the videos uploaded to his channel are vlogs, challenges, and car videos. Josh owns a 2017 Nissan GTR and enjoys trying new things in his videos to entertain his viewers.


Simon, who is also known as Miniminter is a member of the Sidemen group. On his main channel, he produces videos that include FIFA, vlogs, football videos, Q & A sessions, vine reactions and package openings. Also, he collaborates with other members and makes videos of them completing challenges together. These types of challenges include quizzes, football challenges, funny challenges, patience tests and many more different types.


Another member of the Sidemen group is TBJZL who is another FIFA gamer. He broadcasts his FIFA streaming videos on the platform Twitch. TBJZL runs a series of FIFA called “Pack a Punch” and creates other collaboration videos with other members of the Sidemen. On his second YouTube account, he posts GTA V videos. He is known as one of the smartest Sidemen members along with Vik and is also one of the best footballers.


A popular member of the Sidemen Group is Wroetoshaw. Wroetoshaw is known for being one of the most energetic Sidemen and is very loud in his videos. He uploads FIFA videos just like the other Sidemen members. Additionally, he joined the Sidemen at the beginning of the year 2014 which was a few months after the group had already joined but was still extremely welcomed into the group.



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