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Learn To Cook With These YouTube Channels

Last time we learned how to play music. Next, in our “Learn To With YouTube Channels” we’re going to take a look at some great YouTube chefs. Learn some great new recipes and tips for cooking a great meal. Who needs dusty cookbooks?


Binging with Babish

 Binging with Babish is a cooking channel run by New York-based Andrew Rea. He’s known for his recreations of foods from popular movie and tv shows which helped him bring in 3.7 million subscribers. His videos have a unique style of recording with the camera angle viewing the table of food and Andrew only chest down with a voice over. His videos are very crisp and quick, but not too muddled that you get lost. Andrew likes to give you little tips here and there without overloading you with information. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind hearing his voice ramble on.

In this video, Andrew makes spaghetti tacos from the children’s show, iCarley. Before starting the video I was skeptical about this recipe. I figured it’s just for the reference, and it wouldn’t really be good. However, watching the video, Andrew makes the food look good and even improved the tacos further. To be able to turn a simple and silly recipe into something tasty while maintaining the ease of cooking takes true skill.


Rosanna Pansino

You know her, you love her, it’s our bubbly Rosanna Pansino. Rosanna bakes lots of adorable and delicious sweets on her channel. “But Rachel, baking and cooking aren’t the same things!” You may be saying. Well, this is my article and I say cakes are an important part of any meal. I’m sure Rosanna’s 10.8 million subscribers would agree with me on that. Now Rosanna doesn’t only upload food videos but if you want to learn how to make a Fortnite cake or a Steven Universe doughnut, this is your channel. Rosanna is a bright personality full of lots of talent, topped with a sweetheart. A genuine creator that deserves her sub count.

She recently uploaded this video collaborating with the Try Guys to make mini heart cakes (Petit Fours) for Valentines. In the video, Rosanna instructs the Try Guys and the viewers how to make these cute cakes in a clear and fun way. Her loud and bubbly personality keeps you engaged and inspires you to join along. I don’t usually do anything for Valentine’s day, but now I’d love to make these cakes for… me. You should check it out too if you haven’t already.


Sam the Cooking Guy

I didn’t know about Sam before researching for this article. But I’m glad I did find him and can share this fun creator with you. Sam the Cooking Guy is a cooking channel with a humble 437k subscribers. Sam is a character you love to watch, regardless if you’re big into cooking. He’s skilled and knows what he’s doing (even though he cuts food with his fingers dangerously close). He’s a real down to earth creator who I can see gaining a lot of popularity to come. I would like to see him cutting out a little more unnecessary content to clean it up a bit as well as a redesign of his thumbnails. His thumbnails are nice, but not eye-catching. I probably would not have clicked on his videos if I wasn’t searching for creators to write about. But that just my take.

This is his most recent video as of writing, which is a beautiful French dip steak sandwich. If you think that sounds good, you gotta watch the video. No other chef on this list can make your mouth water like the food on this channel. Sam has a lot of casual banter and jokes that make you feel like your hanging out with a good friend. Even when things don’t go completely according to plan, he didn’t scrap the whole video but let it bring personality to the video. Ultimately this is a pretty good video and a great chef you should give a look.


The Domestic Geek

Sara Lynn is The Domestic Geek. The channel features more healthy recipes with lots of vegan and vegetarian options. The videos are very professional and clean though lacks some personality. The channel is a great resource as a digital cookbook, but I don’t know if I’d watch the videos unless I wanted to make something specific. People tend to like personable, less professional creators on YouTube. I think her 1.5 million subscribers could increase a lot if she shifted things slightly.

This video has three easy and healthy quinoa skillet recipes. Sara makes each dish look effortless and simple to make. Her description of the video has not only the ingredients but all the details of the cooking process. Her recipes seem like great choices for meal prep. I would recommend this channel to anyone wanting to be healthier without sacrificing your taste buds; also for vegans and vegetarians.


Barry Lewis

Barry Lewis has been one of my personal favorites for a long while. The channel used to be called My Virgin Kitchen until the beginning of 2019. Barry started his cooking channel, not to teach the viewer how to cook, but to teach himself. Hence, he is a virgin at cooking. But no longer. Throughout his time with the channel, he has developed great cooking skills and a fun channel people love to watch. Barry is funny, down to earth, and not afraid to make mistakes. The camera angles and editing have greatly improved and it’s now fun and engaging. Over the time that I have been subscribed, he has only improved his channel. Barry has 834k subscribers as of yet and I expect that number to keep rising.

Barry Lewis makes an amazing looking lamb roast dinner in this video. I don’t know about you, but I love lamb. If you don’t, well watch his video and you’ll change your mind. If you still don’t at least you’ll enjoy watching Barry, his pugs, and a cardboard cutout of Homer Simpson. The video teaches you how to make a lamb roast dinner in a very easy to follow way. It’s a fun video with a good recipe that will inspire you to be the next, virgin cook.



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