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If You Like The Atwood Family, then Check Out These 10 YouTubers!

If you like the Atwood Family, then Check Out These 10 YouTubers! The Atwood Family consists of Roman Atwood, his wife Brittany Smith, and three children. The Atwood Family’s YouTube channel contains vlogs, pranks, activities and more. Roman Atwood and Brittney Smith are both known for their humorous personalities. Their channel is guaranteed to bring a smile to a fan’s face with any of their videos. Additionally, the Atwood’s share videos of important events happening in their family such as their wedding, birthdays, vacations and more. In this article, you will read about 10 YouTubers who are similar to the Atwoods. 




1) The ACE Family

The ACE Family is made up by Austin McBroom, Catherine Paiz, and their two daughters. Austin and Catherine are both genuine and outgoing. The couple first became popular for their pranks that they play on each other. Their channel consists of pranks, challenges, giveaways, and vlogs. Similar to the Atwood Family, The ACE Family shares important events with their fans such as Catherine’s pregnancy. Similar to the Atwood’s, the ACE Family plays pranks on each other and uploads their reactions.




2) That YouTub3 Family

That YouTub3 Family consists of parents Katie and David with their 4 children. Similar to the Atwood’s, That YouTub3 Family focuses their channel content on their family. Katie and David hope to inspire other parents to spend more time with their children. Additionally, members of that YouTub3 Family often collaborate with other YouTubers. This channel features a unique variety of topics  such as “24 Hours Ignoring Kids Prank” and “Sardines Hide and Seek at Disneyland Paris.” Similarly to the Atwoods, That YouTub3 Family completes challenges and pulls pranks on each other.




3) Ballinger Family

Chris and Jessica Ballinger have been together since High School and have four children that they enjoy posting videos of.  The channel started after Chris was laid off from his job in 2014. He decided to take a risk and become a full-time family vlogger.  Their content is very similar to the Atwood family in the sense that each of the family members has a part that they contribute to the channel. The Ballinger Family collaborates with JoJo Siwa and Miranda Sings.



4) We are the Davises

We are the Davises is another family-oriented  YouTube channel. They created their channel in 2016 and have drastically grown since. The Davises upload videos based on real-life moments, challenges, adventures and more. Parents Shawn and Connie have two children named Kayla and Tyler. The Davises even have their own merchandise featuring phone cases, hoodies, and shirts.




5)  The LaBrant Fam

Cole and Savannah LaBrant run this YouTube channel known as Cole & Sav. Previously, Cole was a and vine star. Savannah was a fashion blogger and a star as well.  Their wedding video is the most watched video on their channel with over 33 million views. The LaBrants’s channel features adorable videos of their relationship, challenges, slime, pranks and more. Just like the Atwoods, the LaBrants share entertaining family moments guaranteed to make viewers laugh.




6)  Eh Bee Family

The Eh Bee family is another family who uploads their daily lives to YouTube.  Their uploads consist of vlogs, challenges, vacations, and more. For privacy, the two children of the family go by nicknames instead of their real names.  The Atwood family and the Eh Bee family are both very similar as they both have found success on Youtube through uploading family content. They also upload videos very similar to each other and make viewers laugh.




7) Family Fun Pack

Family Fun Pack consists of 2 parents, Matt and Kristine,  and 6 children who post hilarious videos. Not only is this channel filled with children, but it is also filled with fun and humor. Their channel first became popular when Kristine uploaded a video titled “Twins putting themselves to bed.” Channel content includes adventures, challenges, skits, cooking, competitions and more. Family Fun Pack aims to make their viewers laugh and is perfect for children or adults to watch.




8) Daily Bumps

Daily Bumps is another family vlogging Youtube channel similar to the Atwood’s.  With over 4.4 million subscribers, the Lanning family enjoys uploading funny videos, family trips, challenges, and videos on trending topics to their channel.  Their family consists of two parents, Missy, and Bryan with their two sons. Additionally, they enjoy animals and has a few pets including a bearded dragon. Similar to Roman Atwoods family, the bunch enjoys spending time outdoors, going on adventures, and surprising each other with gifts.




9) Sam and Nia

Sam and Nia are a couple who has two children and vlog their life to Youtube.  The family makes sure that their Christian faith is the core of everything they do, and they share that with their audience.  Similar to The Atwoods, Sam and Nia upload big moments for their family such as “Buying a New House,” or “Getting Braces on.” The videos are all family friendly and safe for kids to watch, but also enjoyable for adults so they are perfect for the whole family to watch.




10) SmellyBellyTV

SmellyBellyTV is another hilarious family vlog channel similar to the Atwood’s.  Their family consists of two parents and two children. The videos found on SmellyBellyTV are more comedy-driven than other family-oriented channels which makes them stand out.  Just like the Atwood Family, the videos found on this channel usually follow the mainstream YouTube trends, and some of the family members have characters that they play in the videos.



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